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  • Hi there,

    I’ve installed this plugin and it’s been working great except that I cannot display teasers. I am using the plugin to display a bit of the latest post on the home page of my site and some posts are very long.

    I have tried using the built in WordPress more tag in the post but it does not work. Also tried shorten_content=”w55″ which doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to get this right for 3 days, if anyone knows of a solution please let me know.


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  • This is my code, not sure if it’ll help…

    [tpg_get_posts category_name=”Blog” numberposts=1 show_meta=”false” show_byline=”false” title_tag=”h4″ show_entire=”false” shorten_content=”w55″]

    Plugin Author cswaim


    First question is did you insert a ‘more’ tag into the post? You do that on the post with the icon ‘more’, next to spell check by default.

    Try the basic shortcode to make sure it works. Once you have it working without any options, then try
    [tpg_get_posts cat="Blog" numberposts=1 fields="title,content" title_tag="h4" ]

    Hi I know how to insert a more tag, I have done it and I know that it works because it shows the read more link on my blog page(the one displaying all the posts) but does not work for the post that I’m displaying on the home page using the plugin…

    I’ve tried using the shortcode that you’ve posted but it does the same thing.

    Plugin Author cswaim


    Did you try a short code without any options?

    The standard WordPress more tag is <!–more–>

    Look at the source output on the home page and see if the tag is imbedded in the post. The plugin splits the content by searching for <!–more(any characters)–> Can you tell me what the more tag looks like in the post?

    It looks the same as what you’ve posted… I know what it is and how to add it(Alt+Shift+T, The more tage button, manually typing it in…). The plugin isn’t slitting it at the tag it just ignores the tag and shows the whole post…

    The short code without any options still shows the full post

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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