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    I am a new wordpress user and I am still trying to design my blog. I thought I was finished and started posting some test entries. When I tried using the “more tag”, my sidebar scooted down below the main content, and it added an extra layer of borders around my posts. Anybody have an idea on what happened, and how I can fix it?


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  • I don’t think you can use margin left of 700 pixels to position your sidebar. You should do some research on two-column layouts in CSS to discover how you can float them against each other

    You can use a margin of 700px, but mechx1 is right that floats would be better.

    As to why your sidebar is going down to the bottom. This is a div nesting issue. You may have posted a div into your post. When the more is used you have only one opening div and no closing div, thus your side bar is now inside your content div. I had the same problem earlier today. Check the HTML tab in your post on the admin side, and also check your div tags. You are probably missing one.

    Thanks! There was an extra div in the HTML tab. Will it insert that every time I use the more? I plan on using it a lot.

    And for the margin left for the sidebar, I simply copied the default Kubrick theme and built my design from it.

    Thus I am educated. I’ll take another look at the style sheet for the Kubrick theme to see how that was done.

    Not sure if you figured this out, but just remove the div out of the post part of the template.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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