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  • If you put the <!-- more --> tag in the middle of a list ordered or unordered then extra tags are inserted into the database. The other really bad thing is that all bets are off after the more tag is parsed. Beside the extra tag </> some data is actually lost.
    I hope this gets fixed soon!
    Has anyone else seen this bug?

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  • Having a more tag in the middle of an ordered list invalidates the XHTML for that page. It is not a bug nor do I envision a “fix” as per my original statement.

    Why would you put the tag into the middle of a list?

    I am posting a step by step tutorial and wanted to only show part of the post. I will try it another way.
    thanks for the reply

    I went ahead and ended the ordered list and started a new one. I set the start number for the new list to the next item number. I then put the more tag between the lists.
    like so:


    <ol start=5>

    actually like this:

    <ol start=5>

    yeah, I know about the MT site. I have not had a chance to update my personal site yet 🙁
    The link to the site I am developing is here:
    (go to recources link at the top)
    I have made a lot of updates and hacks. I hope to consolidate alot of my code into some plugins.
    Beel: You mentioned CSS and I am running into an IE 6 width problem with my index page. Currently if I fix my CSS to work in Firefox (mozilla) then IE 6 breaks. I currently have IE6 looking OK but if you view it you will see that if I widen my center_content it will push my right column off the side.

    Yes, that is a common problem posted here and people “work it out” in various ways. I look forward to the day IE is a distant, and I mean distant, memory.
    The article looks nice with only a slight spacing discrepancy between the two lists (giving away the fact it is not one list) butnot enough to worry about closing with css. Your page looks nice – very readable.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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