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  • For those of you who have been wondering how this site: has the more tabs working, well i figured it out. I have this working. With the ‘more tab’, which you can click on, and it will drop down, showing the information. I know alot of people were looking for this, including myself, so I will post how to do it tomorrow. its now 1:00 am, and after a few hours of coding, its time to go to bed…

    and yes, i’ll post the code so anyone can use it. I’ll help anyone if they have any problems or questions.

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  • yes t should….u may have to make it wider in the css

    i have the onload=”hideElements();” in my body tag but its not hiding the tabs on my index page……anyone tell me why??

    edit: i removed the script for now because i couldn’t get it working, but its weird, cause the call for the script file is in the head tag, the body has the call for the function hide elements, and the code is the exact same as that of my about2.php page, but it won’t work on my index…..this is really weird.

    i noticed another problem with the script:
    If you view the code in internet explorer, theres a huge gap above your code. to see what i mean view my site in IE and go to the about page.

    Ok, i got my problem fixed with the index page. I dunno why, but i must’ve screwed up the #’s while i was testing it out.

    When your adding the code, the #’s you have to increment, make sure when you add another one, it is exactly one number higher then the previous one. Don’t skip a #. It will cause the more info tabs you put there to just be open when you load the page and not closed. Hope this makes sense.

    hi it is not working on my page :

    i do like that :

    upload slide.js , add to css , upload the gif , add this to sidebar :

    <div class=”tag” id=”tag1″ onclick=”showContents(‘1’, ‘meta’)”>Title of More info Tab</div>
    <div class=”contents” id=”contents1″>
    <div class=”padd”>Text 1: This is Text 1. </div>
    <div class=”moreinfo” onclick=”showContents(‘1’, ‘meta’)”></div>

    and to headee.php :
    <script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript” src=”slide.js”></script>

    and after head :

    <body onload=”hideElements();”>

    and nothing , like the js script doesn’t exist

    where did you upload the slide.js file? try uploading it to the wordpress directory itself. and trying the code.

    your positive you place the <script> tag in the <head> tag of your header.php?

    ok guys i made an error in the readme. Originally it stated to place the slide.js file into your themes directory….well its s’ppose to go into your home/wordpress directory (where wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes folders are located)

    so it should now be located under

    I apologize for the mix up.

    Ennis if you have question about the script and you additonal help, best to try and post at the source. Waco and/or Phae would be happy to help on the script side, just not the WP integration:)

    i did

    ok i upload js to wordpress global directory and it works ,
    but the more gif is not show :

    i add to css :
    //This class adds the tab itself
    .moreinfo {
    float: center;
    width: 150px;
    background: url( no-repeat top right;

    and in the sidebar
    <div class=”moreinfo” onclick=”showContents(‘1’, ‘meta’)”></div>

    but nothing

    you may have to fool around with the more info section. In other words change the size of the width (either increase it or decrease it). You may also have to change some other variables in the class based on your them.

    where do u have it on your website so i can take a look at it.

    ok now it works just great

    glad you got it working. did my advice help any?

    well no i delete the comments in css and that help
    also add ; after the image adress



    I’ve been messing around with this. I want to use it to display more info after each post. With only one post, it works fine. But how do I get it to work with multiple posts? Does anyone know how to get it to auto increment the tag ID?




    i havent tried it like that yet. It would take time for me to figured something out. unfortunatley, i can’t access my info through my ftp right now cause their is a problem with my host. but i might be able to figure something out.

    im going to assume your talking about what nick from has set up with the more info under each post? It may be a possibility to e-mail him and maybe he could give you some direction on how to get on the right track

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