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  • For those of you who have been wondering how this site: has the more tabs working, well i figured it out. I have this working. With the ‘more tab’, which you can click on, and it will drop down, showing the information. I know alot of people were looking for this, including myself, so I will post how to do it tomorrow. its now 1:00 am, and after a few hours of coding, its time to go to bed…

    and yes, i’ll post the code so anyone can use it. I’ll help anyone if they have any problems or questions.

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  • ok ppl. here ya have it.
    download the zip here, and read the “readme” textfile for installation

    any problems please lemme know
    There is a problem that there is a large amount of space above the code if it is placed in your sidebar (its probably just my theme). View this page with Internet Explorer to understand what im talking about.

    This works fine in Firefox.
    Good luck!

    Ennis this great stuff, however, I wonder if you could put in a credit for Wasco and Phaelox at DivXstation as they pretty much rewrote 99% of the code from scratch and much of it looks the same. I appreciate the addtional bits you’ve added, but I would’t want them thinking their work was thankless.


    Oh shit. my bad. i meant to do that too.
    its in the readme and on my site now.

    As Jinsan stated, thank Wasco and Phaelox at DivXstation for the slide.js file.

    Edit for my previous post:
    As Jinsan stated, thank Wasco and Phaelox at DivXstation for the code.




    what are more tabs? I dont see them — I feel like im missing something?

    More tags as in the site on the site above. Click more and it gives you more info on a post. In theory you should be able to use it on almost anything, so possibly clicking with expand the content rather than refresh when click read more.

    Just one thing Ennis that phae reminded me, might wanna stick in an inspired by the original code at lucky33 ๐Ÿ™‚

    awesome, long time coming too.

    i ain’t wit it today b’ys honestly. Don’t take me as a “skeet” or whatever, i ain’t like that. Thanks Jinsan

    @dss it has been a long time coming, glad someone was able to figure it out. Kudos to the b’ys




    more tabs == Read the rest of this entry ร‚ยป ? Is that them? the links? i dont see “tabs”. I really am curious – I saw another thread that mentioned these and couldnt figure out what was so special?? maybe I really am missing out ๐Ÿ™

    ———- …….. oh THOSE tabs, I follow now. I was looking for them on ennis’s front page ๐Ÿ˜›

    yeah when i meant site above, guess I should have been more precise:) ho hum

    on my page they are under the about page…i haven’t gotten a chance to move em to the front page under the links section

    the more I think about it though – how would it actually work with the more tab on a larger text. Wouldn’t it preload the entire block first?

    more tab on a larger text? what do u mean

    are you using this for posts or just small bits?

    Like, let’s say instead of having read more as a link, youhave it as one of these tabs, will it load expand the entire post?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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