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  • Howdy – big fan of the plugin!

    I was wondering if you’d consider adding any additional support for MultiSite installs? For example, the ability to control the Settings network-wide, rather than on an individual site basis.

    My use case is that we run networks of hundreds of sites for educators to publish content on. They are experts in their own areas of study, but not at web publishing, so we try to keep everything as simple as possible for them – including hiding extraneous settings pages and just setting solid defaults for everybody instead. At some point along the way, Duplicate Post made it so that Pages/Posts could be duplicated, but any other post types need to be explicitly opted into. I’d love to be able to control these settings – along with the others – at the network level and let our authors focus on writing.

    Alternatively, some additional filters could be helpful, allowing me to do things like whitelist post types for all sites on the network.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading

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  • Me again!

    I went and did some playing, and I figured out to use WP’s native filters for options to accomplish this. Here’s some sample code that will override the default (and set) settings for User Roles.

    add_filter( ‘pre_option_duplicate_post_roles’, ‘my_duplicate_post_filter_roles’ );

    function my_duplicate_post_filter_roles( $option ) {
    return maybe_unserialize( ‘a:4:{i:0;s:13:”administrator”;i:1;s:6:”editor”;i:2;s:6:”author”;i:3;s:11:”contributor”;}’ );

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