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    Hi Stefan, first of all, Your plugin is amazing! I think it is the best one available, it is simple and works without glitches (at least for me:). However, there are some thinks I am dealing with…
    I would like to put two slideshows on one line – next to each other. Is there any way how to set it in the css customization? I can do it while edditing the page by wrapping each slideshow with a div with set width and styling etc… It is easy for me but impossible for the web owner who doesn’t understand the code at all.
    Is there any way how to display the slideshow title? It would work greatly with my more-slideshow-in-one-page intention. We could show pepole: Look what we have – Cups and mugs (slideshow witch cups), Original clothing (slideshow with clothing)…
    Also, I am looking forward to 2.3 verision with the lightbox and thumbnails etc very eagerly:) (I would personally speak for the Ligtbox Plus plugin compatibility, if it is possibe:)) I suppose You are creating it in your free time but do You have any idea when can we expect it? Alsou would it be possible to add there some function how to automatically open pictures in new (or same) window or in lightbox by clicking it? (Loonikg for the picture adress and adding it in the URL box for each picture individually could be quite difficult and frustrating for my web owner.)
    And last but not least, I have translated Your plugin into Czech since the lady I am doing the web for doesn’t speak English too:) I will send You the translation. I can translate the newer verisions too if You wish:)
    Thank You for answers, You are doing amazing work:)

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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Edhel,

    Thank you very much for your translation! It looks great and is completely translated. Would you like me to link to a website of yours from the description page? If so, what would you like the link to look like and where do you want the link to go to?

    You can put two slideshows next to eachother as you would put your website’s sidebar next to the website’s content, using CSS ‘float’. First of all you’ll need to create a custom stylesheet, which you can learn how to do in the FAQ section.

    When customizing the stylesheet, add the following lines:

    .slideshow_container {
        float: left;

    After you assign the newly customized stylesheet to both slideshows, set both slideshows to have a maximum width that allows them to be next to each other on the same page. For instance, if the page is 1000 pixels wide, make both slideshows 500 pixels wide.

    In this case the slideshows will both float on the left side, but next to each other. You could also create a second custom style that allows the second slideshow to ‘float: right;‘. However, using the ‘float: left;‘ value you’re able to align more than two next to eachother.

    If your website is responsiveness, aligning two slideshows next to eachother will be an issue.

    Showing the slideshow’s title is more the job of the page than it is of the slideshow, as the slideshow may use completely different styling from what the designer meant to do.

    I’ll look into making opening images easier as the lightbox feature comes. It’s inconvenient indeed to have to look the image URL up for every image.

    As for the release date of version 2.3, I’m unsure when I’ll be able to release it. At the moment it looks like it will be some time next month. I’d like to get version 2.2 stable first, as it’s been a big release.

    Thanks for your suggestions and translation!

    Best regards,

    You are welcome:) Unfortunately, I don’t have any page that would fit there, so You can put there just my name if You want.
    For some reason, the floating doesn’t work for me. I have the proper width there but all slideshows are still listed below each other in the left part of padÄ› (only thing that hops to the right is the “Edit” button for WordPress page). I have tried the “lef” and “right” floating too but with no result. It seems to me like if there was another div around the slideshow-container, is it possible? (My web page has fixed width so there shouldn’t be problems with responsiveness.) Unfortunately, I am worknig on localhost and the web page isn’t online yet, so I can’t sent You a link.
    I think I would be able to style the title of the slideshow but I don’t know how to make it appear.
    Next month seems to me pretty near:) I will be happy to translate verision 2.3. too if You wish:)

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    I’m sorry, there’s another element around the slideshow indeed. The floating problem will be solved in version 2.2.2.

    The title of the slideshow would be something the page edtitor would have to put above the slideshows.

    It would be great if you could look out for any changes in the translation sheets indeed!

    Thank You, I will wait for 2.2.2, version then:)
    I hoped that I could use the title added during creating the slideshow, so the title and the slideshow would stick together forever, but something like that can be done in the page editor too. Thank You for answers.
    I will keep looking for changes to translate:)

    Hi Stefan,
    floating works perfectly now, thank You for update:)
    However, when I updated the plugin, the Czech translation disappeared, it seems it isn’t included in the update. (It isn’t important for me since I have backup here but for other Czech folk who would like to enjoy your great plugin:))

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Hi Edhel,

    Thanks for mentioning that! I had put them into the folder, but forgot to register them for uploading.

    The files have now been added. All downloads will from now on contain the Czech translation.

    I’m glad to hear floating works.

    Thanks again!

    Best regards,

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