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    fantastic plugin. My first attempted to import our CSV into WordPress worked really well. (without ACF Pro) But the second attempted, including a ACF Flexible Content Field nested in a Repeater gone really bad. So at the end I don’t managed to import the desired fields.

    The ACF Structure looking like this:

    + hint (message field) <- Not important
    + tab (repeater)
    ++ tabTitle (text field)
    ++ tabContent (flexible content)
    +++ cText* (wysiwyg field)

    +++ cEmbed* (oEmbed field)
    +++ cDownload* (repeater for file fields)

    * = means this is only a layout-field. In that there is one text/oEmbed/editor-field with a Value added to the parent name. (in cText it is cTextValue)

    As we can see this is a simple Tab-Layout-Setup where we can add elements into the content. For the import only the bold fields are important. The the hint, cEmbed and cDownload fields will be filled by hand later with another content.

    So in my case, I only have to understand how to import flexible content in nested in a repeater, and how to show the fields in them then.

    Sounds easy, but I tried and tried to understand and how to import them with help of this plugin-extension. ( and some customizations. But I’ve to admit I don’t understand them. I tried to (google)-translated this message ( to understand them more. But my try to apply these informations going incredibly wrong.

    Because of that I would ask if someone know how to import a ACF-Structure like mine or where I can find more information/samples about “importing repeater and flexible content fields” with this plugin.


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  • Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    I’m sorry, but I don’t have any license of ACF pro, so I don’t know how flexible content will be saved via ACF Pro.

    If you can provide me some example data in your MySQL database, I will be able to suggest how to import flexible content to you.

    Thank you… after I didn’t get it to work.

    I realized that I can use your “RS CSV Importer Customizer”-Plugin to assign/register the keys more comfortable. So I deleted the array structure, looked how my ACF-Layout (of a post) looked like and recreated this structure with it. (loops, fieldnames and field-ids)

    I know, not the correct way it was made for, but at the end your plugin was a rally huge help. I was able to import all my data into my ACF-Structure. (at the moment my soulution is very static, but for this job it worked well.)

    At the end I’ve to say: Thank you for this increadible plugin. So small but such a huge help and I think it could be usefull more often when I think about the possibilies it grants.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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