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  • This plugin is great, but I was thinking it’d be nice to have some additional ways to disable colorbox in these ways:
    – a checkbox or something per post so I don’t have to specify no colorbox on every image within a single page/post
    – control per post type (e.g. ‘post’, ‘page’, ‘customposttype’, etc.)
    – [gallery colorbox="off"] or something like that to control per-gallery

    Also, in the plugin settings, if I understand correctly, there are these options:
    – all images
    – all galleries

    But there’s no option for:
    – all images but not galleries

    I think there should be that option too: so colorbox ONLY works on images within a WordPress [gallery].

    I know these enhancements would benefit me and hopefully others.

    What’cha think?


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  • Plugin Author techotronic



    the options at the moment are:

    1) only gallery pictures
    – WordPress let’s me just modify images in a gallery, nothing else

    2) all images embedded in a post, regardless of whether they’re in a gallery or not
    – My plugin filters the whole post / page content for images and modifies them. It’s not feasible to select anything else since I have to use regular expression mapping. There is currently no way to as WordPress for images within a post or galleries or so when it’s rendering posts or pages. There is also no way to modify image tags anywhere outside of post / page content (what you see in the wysiwyg editor) in a generic way so that it would work for anyone.

    3) modify all images that were not modified previously through JavaScript, anywhere on a page, even outside of the content (that you see in the wysiwyg editor)

    I haven’t found a way to do anything else, sorry.

    As to enable / disable for full pages / posts: I’ll have to think about that, shouldn’t be too hard to implement.


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