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  • Hi,
    I’ve checked your plugin’s source code, it’s quite fine, nothing heavy – I like that! ;-),
    but there is one thing that seems a bit unreliable for future: You are recreating the buttons array by hardcoding all the button IDs to it. This has only 1 advantage and that is “performance”, I use quotes, because nowadays future-proofing this would be a better way.

    So may I suggest a better solution? In filter callback, create new array and go through the current array, if you hit the button you’re looking for, act accordingly, optionaly, you can store a boolean whether or not you’ve found the proper place and if not – put it e.g. at the end of the re-created array.

    The point of this is mainly that if WordPress (or actually anybody else e.g. other plugin) adds some new button before your filter is applied – the button would be removed with your current solution.

    Let me share the code that demonstrates such button handling:
    Probably more readable code link:

    add_filter( 'mce_buttons', function( $originalButtonsInFirstRow ){
        $buttonsToAdd = [
          //'new_button_ID_to_add' => 'put_it_after_button_ID',
          'alignjustify'  => 'alignright', //add justify after align right
          'underline'     => 'italic', //add underline after italic
        $newButtonsInFirstRow = [];
        foreach( $originalButtonsInFirstRow as $buttonID ){
            $newButtonsInFirstRow[] = $buttonID; //re-push originals to keep them intact
            foreach( $buttonsToAdd as $newButtonID => $putItAfterButtonID ){
                //Firstly, chack whether the button was already added by us or not! (...!==true)
                if( ($putItAfterButtonID !== true) && ($buttonID == $putItAfterButtonID) ){
                  $newButtonsInFirstRow[] = $newButtonID;
                  $buttonsToAdd[$newButtonID] = true; //make a note that button was added
        //Now check, if all buttons where actually added (in case "put_it_after_button_ID" was missing...)
        foreach( $buttonsToAdd as $newButtonID => $putItAfterButtonID ){
            // check if the button was added (note the type check !== (negated ===))
            //if the button wasn't added, put it at the and of the buttons array
            if( $putItAfterButtonID !== true ) 
              $newButtonsInFirstRow[] = $newButtonID; 
        return $newButtonsInFirstRow;  
    }, 5 );

    Thank you for considering this approach and making WordPress great ! 🙂

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by  jave.web.
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  • Plugin Author Brice Capobianco



    Sorry for the late response.

    I totaly agree with you. I made it this way for performance reasons. I wanted it as light as possible. But as you pointed on, another plugin may add an extra button with a lower priority and my plugin will remove it.

    I don’t want to edit the plugin for the moment since there is steel no feedback regarding this problem. And if this happen, I’ll probably suggest to unregister then re-register the hook with a new priority (lower).

    By the way, thanks for your feedback.


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