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  • Hiya,

    Are you using no-user booking mode?


    actually i’m new to this plugin. Somebody was developing a site, and i have to finish it, and change some things.
    Do you mean “no user booking”, that “Allow guest bookings?” is turned on?
    Or what should i look?


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    Hi Gega,

    The settings Phil means are under Events > Settings > Bookings > No-User Booking Mode.

    oh i see. Thanks, this a didn’t found. There is too much options in the settings. 🙂
    Yes, is switched on. Should i turn it off?


    just to be sure: on the frontend when the attendee is booking the ticket, he should give all the informations. So in forntend everything is there, but in the backend only the name, phone and email.

    I have also another question: how can i make the fields obligatory?


    Is it true, that in the Pro version thee is everything inside what i need?

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    The main thing the Pro version gives you is ability to take payments along with a forms editor. The full feature list is here:


    To make the fields obligatory in the pro version, you need to select the Required column in the Forms Editor.

    Yes, i saw the features.
    I think this is what i need:
    -Customizable Booking Forms: Add new form fields to your event forms, create multiple forms for different events!
    -Individual attendee custom forms: Capture more information about each person registered within a booking.

    I’m right?
    To make a field obligatory, it is possible in the free version or not?

    And also, we have already set up the bookings, changed many things. When we upgrade to the pro version, will it keep the settings? Or it will delete everything?


    I just realized, that the guy who made the site, he was overwriting the forms/bookingform/booking-fields.php, and was implementing custom fields.

    Hm, is there a way to show this custom fields in the backend?
    I also found where i have to put the code, where is the personal details. It’s in classes/em.person.php. Just i don’t know, how could i put it here the custom fields.

    For example this is a custom field: <input type=”text” name=”xy_street” id=”xy_street” class=”span35 input” <?php if(!empty($_REQUEST[‘xy_street’])) echo “value='{$_REQUEST[‘xy_street’]}'”; ?> />


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    when you upgrade to EMPro it will not remove or override your bookings and will keep your current settings since it will only add premium functionality to your EM free.

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