• Cormac Bracken


    I’ve used this plugin for several years, and use it on probably 75% of sites that I build, mainly for small businesses where the business owner has limited technical skills.

    Usage: say you want a menu “Our Services”, with a sub-menu item for each service. You create a post category “our services”. Then in Appearance > Menus, you add “Our services” as a category, and check the additional box “Create submenu containing links to posts in this category”, as added by this plugin.

    Now add each service as a separate post. While on the post creation screen, you check the box for the category “our services”. You now have a menu where new items are added, as long as the author remembers to select the correct category while creating the post. The root menu item, “Our Services” also links to an archive-type page showing all the services (or more usually, their excerpt or first 55 words – depending on your settings and theme).

    The advantage of this is that the site owner can easily add further services later, without needing to manually add them into the menu. That’s important because it’s easy to mess up WordPress menus on the rather confusing editor screen.

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