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    I’ve installed kinds of plugins to control what the toolbar shows, if you could add just a few more options to hide everything that’s also shown by default in WordPress, I would love this even more!

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  • Plugin Author David Decker


    Thank you for your feedback, this is really appreciated!

    Do you think of top-level items here? That is what comes to my mind.
    I want to get a feel of what your wanted result should be, what you dream of, to get inspired and think more about it.

    In general, adding a few more options would not be an issue 😉

    However, I am a bit undecided here, as the plugin has another main focus, and that is not in just removing stuff that is already there. I rather want to use existing items better and extend them. Because Toolbar Extras heavily relies on existing top-level items (Site Group, New Content, Comments, Welcome/MyAccount on the right). Giving users the option to remove these entirely would remove the “hook places” for most of the sub items this plugin adds.

    While I understand the customization aspect here, my point is, that there are better plugins for doing that, than mine would be.

    So I am interested to see what you actually think about?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I agree re “not in just removing stuff that is already there. I rather want to use existing items better and extend them” – yes, exactly.

    For myself, I’ve used ‘Admin Menu Editor Pro’ to get the left vertical toolbar arranged in an order that makes sense to me (which also allows one to cosmetically ‘hide’ items, without removing), and used others for the Adminbar, before finding yours.

    Right now the only essentials missing for me are the ability to hide updates, comments and site icons/title (and add to another menu).
    Beyond that, having more control of what goes to which menu would be great (yet I understand this woud be a whole refactoring/new-project).

    Plugin Author David Decker


    Hi again!
    Sorry for the delay on my behalf, always busy here… 🙂

    Yeah, it is pretty much what you already wrote: to add such management features it would need a complete rewrite and re-structuring of the current plugin (Toolbar Extras). This is not possible as I do this more or less in my spare time.

    The management features are complex and there goes a lot into it – especially with working together with other plugins. That was not a thing I ever wanted to do, my approach is still different: I want to work with the Toolbar item itself, extend it, or modify it a bit.

    Those management features are more for customizing the admin. And that is fine – I am always for working together: plugins should play nicely together. And I am always trying to do that from my side.

    This all said, I am currently thinking about adding tweaks for removing the Update and Comments item into my plugin in a future version (maybe in v1.5.0). For the “Site” top-level item (with the house icon) I am really unsure. If I add this in, I loose the hook places for half of my plugin features, and I don’t want that to be honest. But I’ve made no final decision yet.

    Items/groups can ALWAYS be removed very easily with tiny code snippets if wanted. And I am more than happy to provide these if needed, for any custom need.

    Also, as you said, there are other plugins that really have their focus and management, these should be tried first:

    a) Admin Menu Editor Pro ( ) has a “Toolbar Editor” Add-On ( ) — however, I did found both plugins sometimes go a bit crazy, not with mine, but obviously with other plugins, and then the whole management made no sense any longer (I experienced this on a project). Otherwise both are really solid; the developer is top-notch.

    b) The above also has free version:

    c) There is “WP Custom Admin Interface”: –> this has a full Toolbar module and might just do what you want — I have not tried out this one yet, but will do very soon 🙂

    d) this one here, has also Toolbar management features, mostly regarding “Editor” role users, and “Shop Manager” role users – so it could be really useful for clients and such…!

    In general the problem I see with the Toolbar in WP is, that capabilities are somewhat limited, as the Toolbar API is limited. Therefore a lot of these management plugins also have limited possibilities and run in conflicts sometimes.

    Regarding the focus of my plugin, I will keep it on adding integrations and some tweaks here and there. Also, there will be add-ons, but those will be specific for various “topics” and/or other plugins as integrations.

    I hope that helps, thanks in advance for your understanding!

    –Dave 🙂

    P.S I mark the issue as resolved for now to keep things organized here.

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