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  • So coldforged help me get the basics working. Thanks so much! However, while this seems to be working ok most of the time, when I try to look at a post, the cookie I am writing to is reset to default. I have posted the code below. Any thoughts would be great.

    A little note, inorder to load different themes, and different colors for each theme, I use the folowing to set the theme dir, the color dir of that theme, and the font size.

    Let me know. Thanks.

    //This Controls Theme Choice
    if (isset($_GET['theme'])){
    setcookie ('styletheme', $_GET['theme'], time()+31536000, '/', 'localhost', '0');
    $theme = $_GET['theme'];
    } elseif (isset($_COOKIE['styletheme'])) {
    } else {
    setcookie ('styletheme', 'beach', time()+31536000, '/', 'localhost', '0');
    $theme = 'beach';

    //This Controls Color
    if (isset($_GET['color'])){
    setcookie ('stylecolor', $_GET['color'], time()+31536000, '/', 'localhost', '0');
    $color = $_GET['color'];
    } elseif (isset($_COOKIE['stylecolor'])) {
    } else {
    setcookie ('stylecolor', 'color-1', time()+31536000, '/', 'localhost', '0');
    $color = 'color-1';

    //This Controls Font Size
    if (isset($_GET['set'])){
    setcookie ('sitestyle', $_GET['set'], time()+31536000, '/', 'localhost', '0');
    $sitestyle = $_GET['set'];
    else if (isset($_COOKIE['sitestyle'])) {
    } else {
    setcookie ('sitestyle', 'small', time()+31536000, '/', 'localhost', '0');
    $sitestyle = 'small';

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  • It’s because you’re setting an explicit path. Therefore, every subdirectory on your site will get it’s own cookie. Bleh. Remove the parameters to setcookie() after the expiration time.

    Wow. Thank you so much. My favorite part is the “bleh”. LOL. You were right. Thanks.


    ColdForged, I have a similar problem. Simplifying the setcookie code didn’t work for me.

    According to the setcookie manual: “If [the path is] set to ‘/’, the cookie will be available within the entire domain.”

    So something like this should work, no?

    setcookie(“name”, “value”, time()+3600*24*30, “/”, “”, 0);

    But my code, when included from a wp page, doesn’t get the cookie value. (It does detect the cookie through the isset function though.)

    I tried these two changes, which didn’t seem to work either:

    setcookie(“name”, “value, time()+3600*24*30);


    setcookie(“name”, “value”, time()+3600*24*30, “/”, “”, 0);
    setcookie(“name”, “value”, time()+3600*24*30, “/blog”, “”, 0);

    Any ideas?

    My guess is that Dave’s problem was more with the “localhost” part of his call than the “/” part.

    EDIT: On second thought, that doesn’t make sense.

    Ok. I’ve got it working for me. It seems like the problem was on the retreaval of the cookie, not the setting of it. I changed this line:

    $c_password = $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[“Winelog_Password”];


    $c_password = $_COOKIE[“Winelog_Password”];

    it is beneficial to look at the DATE of posts/topics you are posting to.
    In April 2005 (!) there was a totally different WP version.

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