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  • it’s too bad WordPress was so eager to close discussions on the violation of copyright:

    It implies your concern for sharing of information ends as soon as the spotlight is turned on you, doesn’t it?
    I posted one additional comment that was not allowed, stating that anyone who releases software without conditions to prevent it from being used to violate a law is complicit in that violation. That’s not abuse, it’s a fair comment and fair minded people would allow such a statement to see the light of day.

    If the thread had not been closed, I would have added that, thanks to Jan Dembowski, I was able to locate the server of the offending site. To my amazement, it is located in the USA and I was able to lodge a legitimate DMAC complaint. I expect the file to be removed soon, and I hope the server will investigate the site owner, because he or she is posting dozens of books. Thanks, Jan.

    This kind of discussion should not be suppressed. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s worth considering why that’s the case.
    Janet McNaughton

    [thanks for the feedback – closed]

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