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    I am new to WordPress and have been looking for a hack to reduce very long posts to 2 -3 paragraphs at the most.
    After the 3rd paragragh there would be a link that says (More …) or (Full Story …) to get the full post. I have looked through this site and cannot find a hack that allows for something like this. Any help would be great.

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  • If you have the newest version installed there should be a ‘more’ quicktag in the posting area already. Simply click that and that should be it.

    Just insert <!–more–> where you want the break to occur, euither by hand or with the quicktag as Kathie says.
    To change the default “More…”, locate in index.php, this :
    <div class=”storycontent”>
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    Place the words you want to use between the brackets, like this :
    <?php the_content(“Full story…”); ?>

    Yes i have the newest version of wordpress installed. I did a 1000 word test post and there is no more button?
    Is this an option in the settings?

    That should read :
    Just insert <!–more–> where you want the break to occur,
    either by hand or with the quicktag as Kathie says.

    I get it, the forum doesn’t take that instruction
    so replace the brackets on this with pointers (!–more–)

    No \<!–more–>\

    So far no luck 🙁


    What the hell are backticks then ?
    One last try <!--more-->

    Ok I am lost now.
    Exactly what is a quicktag (directly in the post?) and where and what do i modify in the index.php?


    Just type that into your text wherever you want
    (taking out the 2 X “removethis”, of course).
    If you want to change the word “More…” that will appear at the breakpoint,
    change the parameter I pointed out earlier in your index.php file.
    Sorry about all that but I didn’t expect the forum to reject the code.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    On your post screen, where you write your entries are the Quicktags.
    They are slightly greyed boxes immediately above the text entry area and have things like
    str em link
    in them.
    Click the one that says ‘more’.

    If you register your username you can edit your own posts. It’s not retroactive though as far as I know, but once you register you can edit posts from there on.

    hey, how do you use a username without registering? i tried once but couldnt…so confused

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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