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  • I’m trying to customize and truncate a block of text using get-content_rss() and I have this:

    <?php the_content_rss('more &raquo;', FALSE, '', 50); ?>

    However, instead of “more »”, it is only showing “…”

    Any ideas why it is ignoring my more link text?

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  • Because it works only with the_content.

    <?php the_content_rss('more_link_text', strip_teaser,
                          'more_file', cut, encode_html); ?>

    It clearly states that it works with the_content_rss().

    Sorry, I just remembered a lot of users coming here with different themes where they had problems with that rss tag… maybe it was something else.

    All good.

    So, is this a bug, you think? Does this work for anyone else (version 2.3.1)?

    I just tried on a local 2.3 – and it didn’t work.
    Maybe something has been changed… and nobody noticed till now.

    Oook, good to know. I’ve never submitted a bug report – is the right place to do it?

    Nope! If you read it carefully – that for bugs on the site! not in the script.

    For WP bug reports:
    (search before submitting!)

    its amazing if ANYTHING EVER gets solved on this forum. Its one of the worst supported forums I have ever seen in my entire life. Questions get unanswered for EONS. Its ridiculous with how popular wordpress is that the support SUCKS so much.

    So with that said, I assume still no FIX for content_rss displaying a more link…

    I’ve noticed the same problem and I’m also looking for a fix. Has anybody got any suggestions as to why it isn’t working and how I may get it working?

    Surely someone must have stumbled across the problem by now?

    Not a fix, but a work-around.

    I get around this by just manually specifying the ‘read more’ link.

    <?php the_content_rss('', FALSE, '', 20); ?><br />
    <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">Read this</a>.

    Works pretty well.

    That sort of solves it but it doesn’t get rid of the ellipses problem. It then shows the ellipses followed by your Read More text.

    That really is quite a bug. Has anyone reported it?

    Anyone got a way to remove the ellipses?


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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