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  • SUGGESTION: Please write instructions that don’t require that one is a programming expert in order to understand them.

    Example of an unintelligible instruction: I wanted to add a “read more” link to Excerpts.

    The instruction (at was

    “To generate a link include the following code in the loop directly below <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

    a href=”<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>”> Read More…</a

    [I had to take away the first and last sign in the code to prevent if from being executed here]

    This is completely incrompenhensible to ordinary people.

    Question1: Where does one find <?php the_excerpt(); ?>
    Question2: Is it really enough to put the code as it is given without the URL to the “read more” page.

    For the good reputation of WordPress it is better if you separate instructions into two categories:
    a) Instructions for full time WordPress programming experts
    b) Intstructions for ordinary users who don’t know anything about programming.

    Please make more features userfriendly for the non-programmer by writing intelligible instructions.

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  • If you’ll notice, the Codex actually gives you two options. This is pretty much perfect for all, as one of the options not only tells you the exact code that you need, but also what file to but it in.

    1 – Add this under <?php the_excerpt(); ?> in The Loop. If you are not fmilier with The Loop, then please see the Codex for it to understand where to find it and what it does –

    <a href="<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>"> Read More...</a>
    2 – Add this code to your functions.php file. Anywere you want in there, as long as it is not inside another function.

    function excerpt_read_more_link($output) {
     global $post;
     return $output . '<a href="'. get_permalink($post->ID) . '"> Read More...</a>';
    add_filter('the_excerpt', 'excerpt_read_more_link');

    Personally I’d recommend option 1 becuase it gives you more scope for editing in the future, but option 2 will work if you don’t plan on making many edits.

    Thanks, now I begin to suspect that I am dwelling on the wrong territory. I am just using the ordinary blog service and don’t have any access to directories mentioned because I have not installed WordPress.

    This is a bit confusing. While using I am linked to help pages that only seem to contain instructions for those who have installed WordPress.

    Jaan is the .COM support forums

    it is a bit strange to be routed here, but your assumptions are correct in that code examples are not very useful to you, as a .COM account has no access to code/files

    Also explains why the codex would be so confusing to you, as you are completely missing the features to which it is referring

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