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  • I have been editing the wp_list_pages function in my WordPress installation, via help from this thread:

    Without taking away from that thread, I wanted to ask a question spurred from the last entry related to replacement plugins.

    I’ve seen it mentioned that there are plugins to help you customize WordPress functions, and assist in making your own (I’m assuming that if you make your own, they won’t be affected by an upgrade of WordPress).

    What is this all about, and how does it work? I can modify the code a function outputs adequately most times, but am not familiar with writing my own functions. I don’t quite understand how these plugins work.

    My goal is to modify the code output by the wp_list_pages function (and associated CSS) and not have it affected by an upgrade.

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  • Anyone?

    If I have posted this in the wrong place, or ask amiss; could someone please point me in the right direction?

    I’m not a mind reader (well I’m not!), but I assume what’s meant is, if you need to rewrite WP core functions, one way to go about it is to copy the functions into a plugin of your own, then make your modifications there.

    Beyond the fact you’ll need to rename the functions and whatnot to avoid conflicts with WordPress’ stuff, it’s a smart way to customize the WordPress source. And it lets you retain your work between upgrades and such without having to keep track of your mods, change core code, etc.

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