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  • First, thank you for creating this plugin. It could be just what I need. Second, can you explain to me a little more about how it works? I installed the plugin with no problem and set it to encrypt my Gravity Forms data under Settings > Gravitate Encryption. I have it set on Symmetrical. Does it only encrypt the database and not the entries I see in the back end? I can still see and read my old entries and new entries with no problem. When I run the encryption test, I get these results:

    Plain Text:Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234
    Encrypted Text:Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234
    Decrypted Text:Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234

    That seems to mean that it is not working, correct? I got my encryption key in my email, but have no idea what to do with it. If you could just point me in the right direction as to what I need to do and what I can expect the plugin to do, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Hi Laura,
    It seems that it is not fully setup.
    You need to take your Key that was emailed to you and place it in the “Encryption Key” text box in the settings.
    Then Save your settings.

    After you save it then you can test it again.
    Your Test should look something like this:

    Plain Text:Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234
    Encrypted Text:enx2:2HJ4Ar4vvgc816OKj2Uzhwg…
    Decrypted Text:Here’s My Phone Number (123) 123-1234

    With that said…
    Even when the Encryption is working you will still be able to see the entries as you did before. In fact it will seem as nothing has changed. This is because the entries are encrypted in the database and then Decrypted in the admin panel. So essentially it is just protection if someone hack’s your database only. It doesn’t really help much if they hack both the database and your server files. If you are needing more security then that then you would want to use A-Symmetric Encryption without providing the Private Key. However in order to Decrypt the data you will need to hire a Web Programmer to build a Decrypting scrypt that uses the Private Key.

    Hope that helps.
    Please let me know if you got it working.

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    Hi Laura,
    I wanted to Reply with a new idea that didn’t quite register with me until just now.

    You can use A-Symmetric Encryption and leave the Private Key blank.

    Then when you need the data go ahead and place in the Private key and save the settings. You should now be able to see the entries in the forms. You can even run the Forms -> Exports to export a file.

    Once you are done doing what you needed to do then Remove the Private Key and make sure to Save the settings again.

    More details here:

    Thanks so much for your replies. They are very helpful. Just wanted to mention that I actually teach Gravity Forms classes, so I’m planning on adding your plugin as part of my class. It’s good for people to know these options are out there. Thanks so much for the plugin!

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    That’s Awesome.
    I am glad you got it working.
    If there is anything else I can do then let me know.


    FYI – Here is the tutorial I created on my site that will be part of my next class in Stamford, CT on July 2 :

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks Laura,
    I just sent out the link to all my co-workers.
    They were excited to see the involvement with this plugin.
    One of the co-workers asked if it was possible to get a link on the article to our company or at the very least to the Plugin Post.



    I always try to give attribution in my articles. There are currently two links in the article that go to http://wordpress.org/plugins/gravitate-encryption/
    I think this makes it easier for people to know how to find the plugin, but if you prefer the link to your own site, I can certainly do that as well.

    Plugin Author Gravitate


    I agree that it should go to http://wordpress.org/plugins/gravitate-encryption/

    If at all possible, it would be nice if you could also add a “Contributed by Gravitate



    WOW! I cannot believe what nice guys you people are at Gravitate!!
    Ms. Hartwig just “borrowed” (I’m trying to avoid the P word here) everything you posted here


    in her “tutorial”… WITHOUT ANY re-writing, WITHOUT including the credit line “Contributed by Gravitate” you have so politely asked for, and so rightfully deserve… but you guys just let her do it!
    I’m not even using your plugin yet, but I will definitely download it for my next site, just so that I can give you a 5-stars rating for being the nicest programmers I’m lucky enough to come across…
    Niceness should be recognized and rewarded… brazenly “borrowing” other’s words to past for their own however… I don’t know, that just made me mad

    Plugin Author Gravitate


    Thanks chinkchink.

    First off,
    I really appreciate Ms. Hartwig’s support and her contribution to the Plugin. Of course it would be nice for the “Contributed by Gravitate”, but as long as the plugin awareness is out there then we are happy.

    I really appreciate the enthusiasm. It always keeps me motivated to work on it more or on the next best thing.
    I hope you like the plugin and if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to post it here.



    My apologies. It was never my intention to take credit for information that was not mine. My only intent was to help others who might want to use the plugin. Your credit has been added.

    Plugin Author Gravitate


    Thanks Laura,
    I knew that was not your intent, but we do appreciate the support.
    Hope the plugin has bee working well for you and your followers.

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