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  • you mean title? (when you say sitename… )

    yeah, the subject.. if u go to the link it explains it 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Try this… you have a div for the ‘more’ bit
    <div class="contentReview">
    In the css, put
    .contentReview {
    That should get rid of it ?

    It solves the problem and does this
    But when you click it the content of the “blog/review” doesn’t show up

    I’m coming in a little late and a bit confused by what I am looking at code-wise in your index page, but if you don’t want the more tag why do you have it in your posts?

    I pasted this from another forum I post at.. I hope it makes sense here..
    I’m not sure.. the (more..) link just comes on..
    In my “entry” content. You have to put <!– more –> in so the content after that doesn’t appear on the “main page” that’s what I want, so the content doesn’t appear on the complete page, so you have to click on the link to see the review ( <- here for example)
    Pretty confusing..
    Anyway. The contentReview class inside it is the <? content() ?> code or however it is. So if I put like display: none; or whatever it won’t display the content when I click the link either..

    It’s gone.. really.. wacky?
    I did this
    Replaced <? the_content() ?> with <? if ($single) the_content; ?>
    it just took away the content when you clicked the link..

    You took out the meta stats tag for WP in the header (the one that says “leave this for stats”), what version are you running?

    1.2 i think.. yeah probably, because thats the only one i;ve downloaded

    Hmm, I would have thought $single would work in 1.2 (I wish I still had it up as a test blog so I could check it out). Anybody see what is wrong with using $single with 1.2 in this case??
    In the meantime maybe you could set up your index page as I have suggested and save it as index2.php so I could check it out.

    You mean the code?
    If so, (hosted on my domain)

    Anyone know?

    Sorry to bring back up but I would really like some help 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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