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  • While is shows promise, it’s far from complete or even usable at this point.

    It’s not “some” assembly required. That assumes all the parts are in the box. This is incomplete and needs more coding before it should be deployed.

    This plugin needs someone competent enough who could do whole thing from scratch on their own. What’s been given here is just the basic idea, but not much to really go on.

    If you have just a few people on your team, then just make the pages by hand. If you have more than a few people, then you need a programmer to create that for you. This plugin falls between those two worlds, and isn’t suitable for much.

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  • Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Hi Jim,

    I’m sorry to hear the “Our Team” plugin doesn’t meet your needs.

    Please note that the intention of the plugin is exactly as you’ve noted- to provide the team listing functionality. The plugin purposefully does not include CSS styling, as this should be left up to the theme.

    I feel we’ve communicated the purpose of this plugin effectively. If it doesn’t meet your needs, that doesn’t mean this is a bad plugin. It simply means it doesn’t meet your needs, which is to be expected, if a plugin is coded to meet a specific purpose.

    If you feel the coding is poor, please do log issues on our Github repository, here:, and explain where you feel we’ve gone wrong or could improve. We also do encourage pull requests.

    While we appreciate your review, we feel your 1 star rating is unjustified, as the plugin simply doesn’t meet your need, while it does do exactly what it says on the box. We’d appreciate an unbiased review of the plugin itself, in it’s context.

    Thanks and regards,

    Chief Product Officer at WooThemes

    Odd how my requests for support went unanswered, yet I quickly get a reply after this review.

    The CSS is not the problem. That wasn’t as easy as it should have been. The content is designed to output it’s CSS to a widget class, rather than a page. Still, I was able to deal with that. It just was an unnecessary hassle (and the only example of this I’ve ever seen).

    There’s no documentation on the individual team members page, nor is there a template that comes with the plugin. This plugin doesn’t support anything for properly rendering that page. I spent a few hours trying to write the PHP template, and didn’t get it working.

    The lack of documentation, missing template, and my unanswered request for this plug in is why I gave it 1 star. If this plugin were written by an unknown author, I would have skipped even writting a review. Since this is coming from WooThemes I expect much more.

    I’d change this review if I could get the individual team member page working. How do I control what appears on that page?

    Matt, as the Chief Product Officer I’d think you’d want to show your role on your own individual page. You can see the problems I’m talking about on you team’s own site here:

    Note that it’s a completely generic post. It’s not a template for the actual team member. It doesn’t include any of the information from the team member’s record, like their role, which is the intent of using this plugin.

    The member’s page is a generic, incorrect, and un-formatted page. It even has the posted date, which is silly.

    Worse still, it has the wrong photo! I suspect it’s displaying the info from the post’s author, and not the team member. That’s pretty silly, right?

    This page would be valuable to have. Say I mention a member on the site, such as an author of a book or article. I want to link to that member. That would mean the member needs a page properly formatted.

    This is the problem with the Our Team plugin, and it’s a pretty obvious one I would think. This problem is not mentioned in the documentation. Without docs to help me, I spent too much time digging through the code to find how I could great the single post template, and gave up in frustration.

    After all that, I think it deserves just 1-star. Help me create the single post’s page, and I’ll up the rating. I don’t need the single page template designed for me. I just need enough docs or sample code to get started. My suggestion is to include the single post template in the plugin.

    No worry, you are not the only one complaining:
    <a href=”No worry, you are not the only one complaining:“>

    Plugin Author James Koster


    FYI we’ve written a tutorial to help you create a deeper integration between Our Team and your theme.

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