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  • On the password page – with the note and the box – can I add an additional note and an email address where the passwords can be requested? Which file needs fiddling with?
    All help genuinely appreciated

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  • The register_form hook can add a message to that login screen. For example:

    function privacy_notice(){
    	echo '<div id="registration-privacy-notice">
    I promise not to sell your email address. I might, however, rent it. :)

    As far as the password goes, you can’t recover a user’s password. Its hashed. You’d have to crack it just like an attacker would. You can, as an administrator, reset the password though and send that to your users. Users can also request a new password via already built in functions though.

    Thanks apljdi. I don’t want anyone’s password, just to get rid of the sticky post that tells them who to email for passwords and replace it with wording on the login page.
    Your answer is thorough but for a newb like me –
    where exactly should the ‘function …’ etc be pasted?
    AHGR – thanks again

    Clarification –
    I’m talking about the interim page that pops up when clicking on a password protected page with the password box in it, not any other login page?
    Hope this helps …

    For most user-level tweaks pasting into your theme’s functions.php file is fine. That function isn’t going to help you with that password page. That should be in your theme in comments.php, hopefully.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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