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  • With the good news that WP 2.1 will have a Spell Checker added to the Edit Features I would like to bring up at this time the issue of Font control. Can WYSIWYG Font size, font color, font type and font style controls be added or built in to the edit box? If not, is there reason this type of control over fonts is not available in WP? What reasons have limited implementing better WYSIWYG font control in WP? Is this going to change someday? Thanks!

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  • Hopefully we will not have selection of font family, font size and font color in the WYSIWYG or Rich editor.
    The reason is that structure should be separated from style.
    Styles should be governed by style rules in Stylesheets ( CSS ).
    The rational for this is that a clean markup makes the pages easier to search and easier to convert to other document formats. It is also possible to change styles in one place only for all posts and comments ( or a million web pages if you like )

    Think about it. You have written 800 posts in your blog and you decide to change all your <h2> headings from ugly Times to readable Verdana, Arial, Helvetica or generic sans-serif. You also want to change the color from the standard black to Navy blue.

    You do this in one place and all you <h2>‘s change immediately.

    Enough argued – thanks for listening!

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