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  • WordPress lacks the flexibility to change the order of posts, especially drafts. Today the only way to change the order of drafts you have to either make a change to the draft or look at a review of the draft. I also have found no function that makes it possible to mark drafts as important such tha they are always at the top. It would be helpful of the order of posts and drafts is more flexible.

    I have been using WordPress for many years and find it strange that the order of posts, especially drafts is not more flexible, or have I overlooked this?

    Thank you

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  • There is which lets you add a lot of different columns, which you can sort by.
    There is which lets you drag and drop the posts for the order you prefer (but it affects the front end also).
    I’m sure there are others.

    Thank you Joy, but you should not require plugin for this. This is such a basic feature it should be implemented into the core!

    It’s not that basic really. The default is to sort by date, so the Drafts would just fall wherever their date puts them in the list. That’s basic.
    Anything additional should be for the 80% of users, but this is not.
    Feel free to write a ticket, marked as enhancement:

    Thanks again Joy. I have a feeling that you use the word basic with a different meaning than I do. By a basic function for the posts-list I mean for instance that you should be able to mark a spesific draft so that it is stuck on the top of the list.

    Yeah, that’s not basic.
    Why don’t you just click on the link for Drafts, so that’s all you see?

    This does not help much if the marked draft is an old one – too many cllcks. Besides, WordPress already has a system for marking posts, but lacks more options for what to do with posts that is marked.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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