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  • I’m running 2.8.4 of WordPress. While I have More Fields disabled, everything works fine. When it’s enabled however, it removes my ability to add tags to a post in the regular edit screen (Quick Edit works fine, however).

    Basically, when it’s not normal, there are three things broken. First, if you click on the text box, it’s supposed to remove the words “Add new tag” and replace it with the cursor. It doesn’t do this, and you have to manually delete the words that are there.

    Secondly, when I type the tags in (None of the suggestions pop up in the meantime) and press the Add button, nothing happens. The tags don’t get added, and they aren’t removed from the text box.

    Finally, clicking the “Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags” option moves the screen down, but no options appear like they are supposed to.

    I have 3 boxes in the “Manage Boxes” screen. One of them is a 1 field text box. One is a 2 field text box. The third is a checkbox. they are all set to the “Right” Position. The only thing checked in the options tab is “Show type select”.

    Has anyone seen a similar problem? Everything worked fine until I came to 2.8.4. I’ve considered deleting the boxes to see if one of them is causing the problem, but I didn’t know if deleting a box would alter my previous posts that have used them. Suggestions?

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  • remove the following from \more-fields-object.php\

    function wp_default_scripts(&$scripts) {
    		$src = get_option('home') . '/wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js';
    		$scripts->registered['post']->src = $src;

    I’ve got this same problem. Commenting out that piece of code just caused a ton of errors. Anyone else having this?

    I am having the same problem…
    Not only tags are not working, but add category as well..
    Actually all ajax based functions are not working with the more fields plugin on my blog.
    It is a pitty, it is a very powerfull plugin, and I need to say, that I actually NEVER had problems liek this before , while using this plugin on almost ALL my blogs ..

    What version of more fields are you all using? I am using the latest version with WP 2.8.5 and have no problems like those you are mentioning.

    commenting these lines DOES fix the probblem, but creates other errors….
    THere is obviously some JS conflict here ..



    The problem is that More Fields replaces the loading of /wp-admin/js/post.js with its own version. I haven’t looked into what’s actually changed, but there are definitely things that haven’t been updated in the More Fields version of post.js.

    To get a readable (linebreaked and indented…) version of WordPress’ version, it’s located at /wp-admin/js/
    More Fields stores its post.js at /wp-content/plugins/more-fields/post.js



    Apparently the entire structure of the post.js file has been changed. There’s a topic on the plugin website about this.

    In More Fields version, postboxes.add_postbox_toggles('post'); seems to be commented out. That’s the only differences I can make out.

    I also found another thread on their website.



    Mmm strange thing, the bug happened to me only since version 2.9 (and still in 2.9.1) !

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