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  • Hmmm this is sort of embarrassing in a way. There I am, spouting do this and do that with more tags and they work for others and there are thank yous and so on and then….

    well sod’s law isn’t it? It’s not working for me. I cannot fathom what the problem might be – I’m having several problems but this is down right pathetic!

    I use three files: home.php, index.php and single.php – all three now have the_content('squeeze my teats for more') and it isn’t working.

    I dunno what to say except, sorry and please spank gently.

    Anyway any idea what might be the problem? Cheers in advance

    I won’t go postal if someone did question it but this is what I’ve tried:

    place more tag on its own line

    add a line above and below the more tag

    place the more tag between two lines on its own with space anove and below

    try the_content(‘more’) for simple purposes. I think I might know what the problem is actually….ah

    edit ok I can’t figure it out. Here are the two variations I used:

    <?php the_content('stroke more udders...'); ?>
    <?php the_content(__('(squeeze my teats for more...)')); ?>

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    When you ‘View Source’ what do you see ?

    well i see the tag:

    <a id="more-215"></a><br />

    above it the teaser, below it the full entry

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Which would seem to indicate that it’s not grabbing the text to use .. if it was working, what changed ?

    haven’t a clue – i mean i’ve changed the template quite a lot me thinks – you know that cow one so I’ve done this and that. Let me try another theme and I’ll report back by editing this entry

    Ok well that was an odd experience. I tried Gespaa which I was working on before – completey and totally analled – god knows what’s happened but that theme looks complete shagged – I wanted to keep it as well.

    Tried kubrick, more doesn’t show.

    Tried my own meadow theme – more doesn’t show.

    Not sure what to try next

    EDIT2: Ok I viewed my archives and you know what it works there if I browse by month or category the more tag will display with a tonne of other posts. This is getting a little odd, non?

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