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    I noticed this since quite a while. The out of the box calendar view is mildly speaking quite unattractive.
    I recommend that under the formatting options you extend the following:
    1) Default: A real full width option (100%) for the full calendar shortcode-code
    2) Default: same width for all date cells
    3) Default: not wasting pre-space using bullets for each day’s event, rather doing a vertical separator or spacer (— or just a gap)
    4) Default: next/previous links should be configurable to use text or alternativly user shall be able to enter free symbol field, e.g. using
    set or the current out of the box ones
    5) Can the calendar widgets please have the option to hide themselves when the corresponding BUG version of its representation is currently being displayed? I added the caledar widget and on a caelndar shortcoded page with the side bar displayed, the calendar widget shows as well. Similar, if I am in events list with sidebar, I do not need to list events there as well. Simple checkbox to exclude page/post IDs or auto detect (if possible)

    Many thanks for this wonderful plug-in!

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  • Hiya,

    I believe that all of the things you’d like to achieve can be done using CSS within your theme. As much as possible it’s best that the EM calendar not contain styling so that it can be modified at the theme level – where styling should take place.

    As for your last point, you can achieve that by using a plugin like Widget Logic.


    Hi Phil

    thanks for the answer. Yes, of course CSS is an option for 1-3. I do that on my private pages. For our organisational page though, “development” should be avoided. And this use case may also apply to other users or non-profit organisations like ours.
    If a full width calendar is avdertised then why not setting it “full width by default”?

    for point 4, I think we could not avoid ore intrusive approach as this is the template structure, AFAIK.
    One can prepend (“:before”) characters etc. but not properly what I meant

    I will definitely have a look on 5)!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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