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  • When editing comments on my pages, whether Posts or Pages, I see the “more” button, but the resulting <!–more–> tag does NOT work. Not on Posts and not on Pages and not on “comments” sections of either. It is a VERY useful idea (to show a certain amount and then let the rest by hidden with a “More” link to expand the data WITHOUT GOING TO A NEW PAGE to show that information.

    If this works in WordPress, I need to know how, but the FAQs, documentation, and forums all seems to imply that the functionality has been strictly limited to “posts” (even tho I could not get it to work on my “Hello World” post either).

    Is this functionality available? If so, how? If not, this is DEFINITELY a feature request.

    Steve Harris
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  • esmi


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    “If you want to turn it on in Pages too for showing a set of partial posts, use the following code inside the loop for the dynamic content: “

    I saw the “loop for dynamic content” comment before, but have no idea what that means. I assume it is a file in the wordpress installation on my website, but I need to know specifically what subfolder and what file to look for and what identifies this “loop” inside that file. I have programmed before, but I still would need to know which loop is being referred to, specifically.
    Thank you in advance for your response.

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