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  • I’m working with Chaplin for the first time and noted some issues with customization options, mostly in the background colors section. Here they are for your consideration.

    1. There’s no “clear” option on the background color pickers. This makes it impossible to manually customize (via CSS) page background colors, header/footer colors (including assigning different ones for each) or primary colors (couldn’t get White, for example, when I’m using a black background for everything). Please consider adding a “no color” option, so we can override the colors to suit our needs?

    2. Please separate header and footer color assignments? My site would look a lot better with a lighter header and darker footer. Can’t do that right now.

    3. Background image assignment would be very useful for headers and footers, esp. separately. I wanted to use a transparent image on the header and simply could not get the background color off.

    4. Please consider supporting opacity on background colors? I could have made do with making the header colors mostly transparent instead of trying (and failing) to use an image.

    5. Please allow us to choose colors and background colors / images for page titles? Esp. individually? They are targets for customization too, and right now their colors are tied to the Customizer’s background picker.

    6. Please upgrade the primary color picker? it’s got a different picker which couldn’t actually give me white links or choices on link appearance (visited, active, etc.).

    Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you like what you saw!

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