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  • I’m seeing more and more problems with this. Fully updated, Twenty Fourteen theme. Things like this:

    “-2 liked this.”

    And this:

    “Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/myuser/ on line 458”

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  • I’m getting the exact same error message. Likes on the original post works flawlessly but any comments whether on a blog or activity throws this code. Any fix yet? Or maybe a procedure to disable comment likes until a work around is found?

    Yup me too. Seeing the “”-2 liked this.””

    Just a bit more info to maybe help. I’m getting this error using the buddypress default theme changed only with a child stylesheet. I have also made sure to deactivate any other activity plugins to test for conflict. The error happens with the straight up bare bones buddypress. My users love this plugin. It would be great to get it working correctly.


    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Thanks for reporting these, and apologies for my delay…

    I’ve fixed the issue with the minus number of likes, which will be in the next update.

    As for the warning about the array_keys, they’ll take me a while to fix, but they’re not something to worry about.

    “They’re not something to worry about”???

    Actually, because the plugin makes my site look terrible and my users complain, I’m worried about it. Can you give us a timeline for a fix, or do we need to move onto another plugin? Thanks.

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Sorry slips111, I was refering to the warnings, which though I know aren’t ideal ( and they’re something I’m trying to get around to fix) they shouldn’t be showing up on the site. Do you have debugging turned on, on a production site? If so, and totally unrelated to this plugin, I’d advised turning it off, or at least turn off the public outputting, and instead output to a log file. If you need any help with that just ask

    debug set to false in wp_config.php and it still displays the error code.

    Same here. Debug set to false. And not a production site, my real site, with constant e-mails from annoyed users. Understand completely if the plugin’s going to be too much of a time suck for you, but would love to know so that I can move on (unfortunately without a huge history of likes). Thanks.

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    You may need to change display_errors=0 in your php.ini file, if you don’t have access to this your host should happily help. I dont recommend displaying these on a public site ( what I meant by production site, sorry for not specifying.)

    The plugin will be stable soon, but I cant give an accurate time frame just yet.

    Did you try todays update?

    On 0.1.6
    When I click on the Like I see the spinner but no refresh. I have to manually refresh the Activity page to see the Like.
    The “”-2 liked this.”” is gone

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Was the likes working in 0.1.5? What version of WordPress and BuddyPress are you using?

    Yes they were – on WordPress 3.8.1 and Buddypress 1.9.2

    With 0.1.6 based on BP 1.7.3 and WP 3.5.2 I now got “Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_et_activity_type() in /…/public_html/…/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-like/includes/activity-functions.php on line 34” when I click on Like. I have no way to update to BP 1.9.x at the moment…

    …should be “bp_get_activity_type()” (“g” missing on line 34).

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    That typo was a stupid error on my part. It was sorted in trunk, though I’ve pushed it to the new update (0.1.7) now though.

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