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  • Podz, I peeped inot the sourcecode of your pages and saw that it was generated by “WordPress 2.1 Moose”??? Or does this has something to do with the Moose-plugin?

    Just being (extremely) curious… 🙂

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  • LOL !

    When I was installing blogs for people I would have some ask for the same version as I was running because it was working.
    I also get fairly cheesed off with people asking here when 1.5 will be released because the answer has been the same now for months and months (when it’s ready).

    So, in honour of the famous Dawson’s Creek citizen and incredibly helpful guy here, I opened up the version.php and tinkered with it 🙂 It’s not meant to be decieving at all. Just amusing.

    What’s the Dawson’s Creek link exactly? 🙂

    That’s funny! 🙂 So because everyone is reading this we can expect more ‘upcoming’ versions in the near future 😉

    Oh yes – and why not 🙂

    hrm… 🙂

    So the Moose and Squirrel version is next ?


    Actually, to be pedantic about it, it’s Dawson Creek not Dawson’s but I’m used to that. 😛

    For those who don’t know, Dawson Creek is my home town, in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. For those of you familiar with US television, my town is NOTHING like the show “Dawson’s Creek”. :0)

    FINALLY someone spotted the moose version, eh? ;0)

    Yup – just shows that no-one reads footers 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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