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  • I’ve been looking at my dashboard and wanting it to be basically remain the same but in a much smaller/manageable way.

    With the recent release of my moo.fx archive plugin (CDC Clean Archives) I thought it would be handy to have the dashboard use the same functions.

    This WordPress plugin was written with the ajax like moo.fx libraries found at: In addition to that, the excellent #wordpress channel on freenode irc for any advice/suggestions I got.

    It’s not the most technically advanced plugin but I do have other enhancements in mind that will integrate this plugin with 3 or 4 other plugins to really make the dashboard be the nerve central of the wordpress admin section.

    Tragically it does require replacing the actual index.php in the wp-admin folder (although you can modify the file yourself for security if you’d like by simply using the included index.php as a template for what needs changed).

    Anyways to install this plugin all you need to do is upload the Moodash folder into your plugins folder and then copy the included index.php into your wp-admin folder and then activate the plugin.

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  • i have never heard of moo.fx.

    can you give screenshots to see how it looks before i go through any trouble of replacing the index.php file?

    i always like to see examples of how the stuff works, before messing with my current working version of WP over at


    Yep actually you can login to:

    Login: Demo
    Pass: Demo

    To see it in action. Screenshots of what it does aren’t exactly the most useful pics since the plugin gives an “accordion” effect. Moo.fx is a very tiny scriptaculous style ajax library. Very handy. In short if you look at my archives page moodash does almost exactly the same thing but for the admin dashboard.

    If you want/use wp-shortstat I’ve got a more heavily edited index.php I can put up a copy of my shortstat integrated index.php.
    Let me know over on the moodash post’s comments if you need anything else.

    now, i see. really neat.

    thanks for sharing and showing me.

    nice reboot too!!!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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