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  • Resolved Paddy Landau


    The “Schedule monthly update of GeoIP DB” does not automatically update even though the checkbox is ticked. I have to manually force an update (“Download GeoIP Database”) every so often. For example, the next update date is currently stuck at 7th July.

    The weekly updates of browscap DB and Piwik Referrer Spam Blacklist DB, however, both work.

    What can I do to diagnose and solve this problem?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    We use the WP Cron system to schedule the tasks so the first step is to make sure they have been added correctly.

    You can use a plugin from the directory to check.

    Also, check your PHP logs and see if there are any errors around the scheduled date/time that they should have been downloaded.

    @gregross, thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately, the PHP logs are too old (my host clears them every 7 days). I have manually downloaded the update, which means that the next due download date is 4th August. I’ve added a note to my diary to check after then, and I’ll report back here.

    In the meantime, which cron jobs should there be? The following ones are listed for WP Statistics.

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    The wp_statistics_geoip_hook is the job to download the GeoIP database.

    @gregross, sorry for the long delay in replying.

    The next due date was yesterday early afternoon. They were all due yesterday; an example was due Thursday 8 September 2016 @ 1:42 pm, and is still due for that time!

    WP Cron Cleaner currently reports wp_statistics_geoip_hook due as Sep 10, 2016 @ 13:42:06 - Once Daily. Yesterday, it reported the 9th, and the day before, the 8th.

    Neither my host (GoDaddy) nor PHP has logged any errors.

    The interesting thing is that the other two databases (browscap and Piwik) both seem to work reliably and consistently.

    I get the same results on my other sites (five of them): the GeoIP doesn’t download unless I do it manually, but the browscap and Piwik work well.

    What else can I do to diagnose GeoIP’s download problems, please?

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    If the due date is still in the past it’s a WP Cron issue. What version of PHP are you running?

    I have PHP version 5.4.19.

    Curiously, since yesterday, one of the sites has updated its GeoIP database. I don’t know why; I haven’t manually updated it. The others remain out-of-date.

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    Ah, WP Cron, not the most reliable thing. Unfortunately the next steps in tracking down why the jobs aren’t firing would be to start debugging the WordPress code and that is outside of the scope of help I can offer I’m afraid.

    All right, so what could I do about this? Is there a command that I could manually run (perhaps from the command line, which I could automate) that would “kick-start” the process?

    Plugin Contributor Greg Ross


    @gregross That is helpful, thank you.

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