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  • I have upgraded this morning and (sorry to say) was a bit flabbergasted (which means disappointed). I know it’s for free and then it’s quite hard to be harsh 🙂
    After fixing many bugs for almost the entire day now, there is still one major issue I just can’t seem to resolve. Please note: I am not a developer by far, but steadily trying to learn. The overview per month calendar is obviously a table, however it’s way too large to fit my page and especially on an iPad, half of it gets lost. I have been struggling through the forum, through all php and style sheets, but I just can’t seem to resolve this. Something somewhere someline must trigger this table to be 1069px width…… a great mystery.

    Can anyone please try and help me out. If you would like to see an example, please visit:

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  • Hi Yusha50,

    As mentioned in our sticky thread (, we unfortunately are unable to help with with customization, styling or integration issues not caused by bugs with The Events Calendar. You have a few options:

    1. Check out our extensive support resources and try to figure it out on your own: &
    2. Hire a developer to assist you. We’ve got a list of freelancers who know our code and who we can vouch for. Email us (pro at and we’ll pass that list your way.
    3. Purchase a Pro license to get more support: As mentioned in the sticky thread, we can provide both a deeper and more frequent level of support for PRO users.

    I hope that helps and good luck!

    – Jonah

    Hi Jonah
    Thanks for your standard message. You end this with “hope that helps”, so I will take the liberty of replying: No! This doesn’t help. I have been working with your free plugin for a while and everything was ok with the older version, which personally I liked better than the restyled one. So, there is no issue with the theme I am using. My only question, which should be rather easy to answer, is where (which file) triggers the dimensions of the monthly view. It doesn’t pop-up out of the blue obviously, as nothing does with computers, there’s always a trigger somewhere. Concluding from your answer you either don’t know yourself and don’t wanna help , unless I will buy a Pro version. I totally stand for free plugins with a trial base. It is the only way for us to see if a plugin is what we are looking for for a specific purpose. However since the free plugin doesn’t do what it is supposed to do entirely, what should be the commercial benefit for anyone to put some money in? I have been going over all the php and css files relating to your plugin, but couldn’t come up with the answer myself. That’s why I needed just a liittle bit of help. The rest of the “bugs” (issues) with the new version of the plugin I figured out myself and took me quite a long time fixing. To my opinion there were so many hick-ups with this new role-out (look at all the forum items, mainly small and minor stuff), that I have the feeling quick role-out was more important than a thorough check. I really did love the previous version and the plug in was great to look at and work with, unfortunaltely I do not have the resources to spend too much time on something that is not the core business of my website, while there are so many other options (plugins) available.
    I’m sorry I had to speak my mind, but I believe feedback from “potential” customers is very important for any business and I can’t make it much nicer than this.
    Anyway, best regards

    Hi Michiel,

    I agree with your comments – the developers comments are very poor.

    Did you manage to sort out the issues or are you aware of any other events plugins that it is possible to easily migrate to ?



    Hi Tim
    All these (minor) issues did cost me about two days of time I didn’t really have, so finally I decided to downgrade to the previous version, which was alright with me. I believe technical issues are more important than the visual ones.
    B Rgds

    Hi Michiel,

    I think I will do the same as I don’t have the time either.

    Have lost a lot of confidence in this plugin now.


    🙂 Good luck !

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