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    I’ve run into another problem with the plugin.

    I have noticed that when I’m in full month view and I proceed to click on the next month it loads january & february, however when I click to move onto to March the page just keeps loading (icon spinning) with no end result..

    Using Firebug I’ve been able to determine that when I click on “January” it loads in 1.33 seconds.

    When I click February it loads in 1.27 seconds.

    When I click March it takes 32.17 seconds resulting in an error (error shows only in firebug – on the calendar the icon insists on spinning):

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/lib/tribe-event-query.class.php on line 782

    Any idea’s why this would be happening? Why for 2 month it loads fine but then for the following it takes so long & fails to load the page??

    Please help because I love this plugin – I just need it to work.

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  • Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    I’m not sure.

    Is there any more detail you can provide about March? Do you have a particularly high number of events at that time of year, or more recurring events than normal that concentrate in that period?

    What if you use only a default, unmodified theme such as Twenty Twelve and no other plugins – does the same thing still happen?


    Thanks for your reply Barry – No particularly high number of events in fact only 4 none of which is recurring.

    I’ve disabled all plugins which hasn’t made a difference.

    I’ve tested this on a local server with the same theme which has worked fine, so I’m guessing that rules out conflicts with the current theme?

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    Not necessarily, unless all the settings and database content etc were identical on your local setup. Either way, it seems there must be a difference between that environment and your production one – can you identify any other notable differences / have you had a chance to switch to a default theme on the installation where the problem is?

    Tried with the unedited default theme as well it’s just the same thing – Loads perfect until I try to load March then I’m presented with the spinning icon & the page never loads.

    Also tried downloading a fresh copy of the plugin & overwriting the files (as I ddn’t want to risk losing 80+ events) – It also made no difference.

    Not sure what else I can do (apart from give up). Does the error that firebug gives me (in my initial post) not help find the problem?


    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    It’s very difficult for us to say. I haven’t heard other reports of quite the same problem (ie, a single month causing a fail in this manner) and it is a pretty popular plugin, so I’m thinking the problem seems to be specific to your site in some way – which also seems to be borne out by this comment that you made:

    I’ve tested this on a local server with the same theme which has worked fine.

    Can you link to your site so I can get a sense of what sort of data is in place in relation to March?

    I am having the same issue with the month view search. But I can’t get any month to load, every one hangs on the spinning loader.

    EDIT: This is what I’m seeing in the console:

    event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.
    GET 404 (Not Found) jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:5
    rn jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:5 jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:5
    x.fn.(anonymous function) jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:5
    (anonymous function) tribe-events.min.js?ver=3.3.1:11
    x.event.special.(anonymous function).handle jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:4
    x.event.dispatch jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:4

    Also now happening on the list view, here’s my website if you can help please.

    So I’ve seemed to have solved my issue so hopefully this will help the OP.

    I think I had a conflict with another plugin called WP search 2, after disabling that plug in it seems that I am back in business.

    I’m having the same issue now with a WP 3.8 install. Anytime I try to switch to a new month it just spins. The funny thing is that list view will work the first time I click either Next Events or Previous Events. However, the second time I click to go to another page of events it will just spin again.

    And for some odd reason deactivating all plugins and turning them back on seems to have fixed it for now.

    Seems my issue was a conflict with the Search and Replace plugin.

    Thanks for your posts Patrick & Karks – Unfortunatly for me disabling all of my plugins has no effect on my calendar 🙁

    Plugin Author Barry Hughes


    @muffin1882: I’m just revisiting the error message you posted when you opened the thread and it’s not impossible that we are entering an infinite loop here, resulting in the timeout.

    What I think is happening is the plugin is trying to compare two dates (ie March 1st and March 31st) and is figuring out how many days lie between them, however this would be susceptible basically to ‘bad data’ being passed in which would leave this piece of code basically trying to count the number of days forever … or at least until it times out.

    On the basis of this:

    • I’m going to log a bug as I think we can change this code to operate a little more ‘safely’
    • I would still be concerned however as to why ‘bad data’ is being passed into this function in the case of your installation

    Would it be possible, perhaps in a subdirectory, for you to install a fresh copy of WordPress running only our plugin initially and see if you can replicate the same thing there?

    Hi Barry many thanks for getting back to me..

    Before I saw your reply I deleted the plugin & some of the tables in the database. (I obviously lost all of the events but I’m determined to get this plugin to work as it suits our needs extremly well.) I then reinstalled a fresh copy of the plugin & it worked fine with a couple of events added to February, however as soon as we added an event to March onwards we get the same error (infinate spinning).

    What would you be classing as ‘bad data’??


    I was in the middle of writing the above post when I thought about what ‘bad data’ could mean, especially when you said about comparing the 2 dates..

    I dropped some tables that belonged to a different calendar plugin (that was being used up until we found ‘the events calendar’) – and as if by magic it worked a charm!! I’ve no idea how or why that was causing problems but at least its fixed & now we can look forward to using your plugin!!

    Many thanks for all your help throughout & for your amazing plugin!

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Modern Tribe Support Rep

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We were not able to get a fix into our forthcoming 3.4 release. However, this issue is still definitely a priority for us and we plan to work on it for an upcoming release. We will update this thread at that time. Thank you for your patience.


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