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    Just updated my Game Scheduler and now all my events have jumped back a month. For example, I have an event Nov 27, 2012 and on my live schedule it shows Oct 27, 2012. Then, when I go to that actual game, it shows Nov 27, 2012, but upon saving and publishing it the live site still shows Oct 27, 2012.

    After updating last week I manipulated the PHP editor to change the date orientation – as I did upon initial installation. I followed the same steps but not sure I screwed something up.

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • In addition, I just tried deleting the Nov 27, 2012 post and redoing it. The month is still reverting back to Oct, but now the date and time is changing automatically in the UNIX.

    I input Nov 27, 2012 @ 7:30pm – hit publish – and the date changes to Oct 26, 2012 @ 5:30.


    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi sunprinting,
    That’s interesting. My first guess is that something is going on with the timezone settings. The default timezone is Los Angeles. There is some info on this in the FAQ I believe.

    Where is the time/date wrong? In the schedule table shortcode, the countdown shortcode, or the respective widgets?

    Could you please provide a link to your site?


    Ok switched it back and all the times are now correct, but the 2012 months are still off.

    All the 2012 October dates should be November and all the 2012 November dates should be December. But all the 2013 dates are correct.

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    I looked at your link, and I don’t see any October 2012 dates, just November and December in 2012 ??? Did you figure it out?

    Your site looks great. Would you mind if I linked to it from the plugin page at

    Why don’t you change the schedule’s color scheme to match your site using the stylesheet? Just wondering … I’ll send you a sample if you’d like. Contact me at

    Have you thought of using my Game Locations plugin for your driving directions page?

    Have you looked at my new Team Roster plugin? Pre-release is on, coming to the WordPress plugins page very soon. (It just got approved today.) I think you’ll like it.


    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    This bug has been identified by several users and a (one line) fix was correctly identified by at least one (thanks, Todd).

    This bug is corrected in version 2.3. Sorry for any trouble it caused.

    Hi Mark, I am running 2.4 and seem to be having the same issue as sunprinting. When I input a game date (March 23rd, in this case) it is automatically reverting to March 1st. It seems as if the UNIX is overriding my date to March 1st once it is published.

    This is a clients site I am developing locally at the moment, so I cant post the link. But I have uninstalled and reverted back to defaults multiple times. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as time is of the essence. Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi lifecameasaction,
    This doesn’t sound quite like sunprinting’s problem. It was corrected in 2.3. If I understand you correctly, you enter a game on the admin page, publish it, and the admin page returns with the wrong day. Correct? If so some questions and suggestions.

    1. What version of WordPress are you running?

    2. Look at the UNIX DTG and UNIX Date fields (not for editting, nothing is saved from there). What date is displayed?

    3. Is the month always correct? And does the day always revert to 1 (which is the default)?

    4. What is the default WP timezone setting? What is the timezone setting on your server? (Unix system time)

    5. Deactivate all other plugins? Does the behavior change? If it works, activate one plugin at a time until you identify the culprit. I don’t think this is it, but when all else fails it’s worth a check.

    The next release has an entirely new time implementation (plus lots of other cool features which you can check out on A BETA is now available. If you would be interested in playing with it, contact me through the website.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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