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  • Hi my blog is only a month old I am getting lots of help on the technical side of things like some of the plugins and stuff but as a first time blogger I have found things a bit overwhelming.

    Firstly the amount of span and things like how to increase readership or make sure I show up in google and things.

    Can anyone who is an experienced blogger have a quick look and be honest over what you think?

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  • Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Pretty clean. This is what I would add:

    1. Horizontal Divider – Between the posts on front page
    2. Slightly better aligment of images
    3. Posted in and tags are bit too close to share button
    4. Don’t allow images and text to go over your forms like here

    Other than that looks good.


    Cool thank you so much I am sure my brother can add the divider easily.

    The image thing I have been looking at I hadnt realised they appeared like that. The posting template I use lets me choose right centre or left alignment so I think I am always going to choose centre and not use thumbnails as much. Not sure what I must have done to get the image to appear like that I noticed in my swarovski post they appear different to how I selected them and different to how the preview showed them. I wonder if it could be the fact I tried to alter the reading settings on my wordpress to show summary of posts not entire posts? that didnt seem to change anything but it may have affected the images. I will mess around a bit more on that to find out whats going on.

    Will see if my brother can amend the HTML for where the share button appears too.

    Thanks very much

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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