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  • Hi, I have several pages with information on different nutrients and the amount to be found in different foods.

    TablePress works really well for easily taking a list and dropping it into a table plugin, but the columns are too far apart for the eye to move from the food to the nutrient content.

    The plugin builder has provided a FAQ dealing with what CSS change needs to be done to make the columns closer together, only I can’t get it to work.

    Please can you help?

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  • only I can’t get it to work.

    How so? Where are you making changes? Have you cleared the caching plugin on your site after making changes?

    I put the CSS changes in where I thought they were supposed to go and the table remained the same. I dont’ think it has to do with caching I think it’s a factor of me having NO idea how the CSS things work.

    Also, I don’t know how to clear caching. I just looked and I don’t see an option for that… Where is it?

    First off, make sure that you are not making changes to the theme files – as those changes will be lost when the theme is updated.

    Where are you putting them?

    Also, Tobias, the developer of TablePress, is VERY helpful, so you may want to ask him for help on the plugin’s forum:

    Those google pages on search are interesting and I had NOT seen them before. Thank You!!!

    though, I didn’t see that they explained how headings work, comparatively.

    Tobias is pretty clear about how he thinks his FAQs answer the question. Only, they don’t. He clearly says not to ask him if he’s already answered. I don’t understand his answer since I can’t make it worl

    I changed a CSS file to get a color background. Is that in the theme file? would that get lost were Montezuma to be updated?

    I mentioned in another post that with Montezuma, you make changes to the virtual CSS files instead of the theme’s physical files.

    However, TablePress has it’s own custom CSS option, and you should use that for any CSS related to your tables (go to TablePress > Plugin Options from your Dashboard and you’ll see a field labeled Custom CSS.

    It’s actually fairly easy to set the width of a particular table column. Each table that’s created by TablePress is given a unique ID number as its class name, and each column within a table is given a class name that corresponds to its position within the table.

    In your example, the table has a class name of tablepress-id-4 (it’s the same ID number as what you use in the TablePress shortcode), and since you want to change the width of the first column, then the selector that you would use is .tablepress-id-4 .column-1. So you can try adding this CSS to your TablePress Custom CSS field:

    .tablepress-id-4 .column-1 {
       width: 250px;

    Of course, make whatever adjustments you’d like to the above value in order to get the width that you want.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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