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    I have 70+ websites. I’ve been using All in one SEO pack for a decade or more. They make you switch to monsterinsights now for tracking. So I converted all my sites over to MI. Recently I went through my GA and created GA4 accounts for all 70+ sites and started to transition from UA to GA4.

    The problem is that even though I created a GA4 for all of my sites and some of them have gathered data for Months already… whenever I go to connect my monsterinsights plugin to my GA, it creates a whole new GA4 stream next to the existing stream – no matter what I do I can’t get monsterinsights to recognize my EXISTING ga4 stream and connect to it. I don’t want to lose my traffic data on my original GA4 stream. Why does MonsterInsights insist on creating a whole new stream? Their stream isn’t connected to my UA3 account for each site so I don’t understand what to do about it. I don’t want to disconnect my real GA4 stream from my UA. But why does MonsterInsights create a 2nd GA4 stream that I never wanted it to create? How do I force it to connect to my real stream that is the one connected to the UA account instead?

    Additionally, all the links to lite support, are broken. They all take you to an upgrade now landing page, and there is no way to request support of any kind. You may want to check because i found those broken lite support links all over the internet while I was trying to search for the answer on my own.

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  • lambertini


    Hi I’m having a similar issue to the one described. I’ve setup a GA4 account and linked to it through my google account on MonsterInsights, where it asks me to specify a property. But thereafter, MonsterInsights has setup a new stream, so I have two GA4 streams each with a different measurement ID. Has there been any update or resolution to this?

    Plugin Support Michelle D.


    Hi @greenwebdesign and @lambertini,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the trouble here.

    When you connect MonsterInsights to your GA4 property, we automatically check for an existing data stream by searching for a Stream URL that matches your WordPress Site URL. If there’s already an existing data stream, we’ll connect to it. If we aren’t able to find an exact match, we’ll automatically create a data stream for you.

    In the case that this creates an extra data stream, please know the new data stream will not affect your reports or the data you’ve already collected. You’ll continue to track like normal, and you can remove the non-MonsterInsights data stream without issue. Once this is done, please also make sure to set up your Measurement Protocol API Secret value at Insights » Settings. For more information on this, please see this guide:

    Note: If you’ve linked your UA property to your GA4 property within the Google Analytics dashboard, you’ll need to unlink this first before deleting the extra data stream. Instead of linking your properties, we recommend using our dual tracking feature to insert both your UA and GA4 tracking codes into your website. To learn more about dual tracking, please see here:

    That being said, if you still would like some help, or if you would like for us to take a closer look at things, we’d be happy to if you could reach out to us at

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks for your response. I’ve realised why I was getting 2 streams so I thought I’d post incase it helps anyone else. I wanted to ensure the URL of the stream was correct so I was copying it directly from a browser, but this included a trailing slash (/) which obviously this didn’t match with the WordPress URL.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Support Michelle D.


    Hi @lambertini,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve made our developer team aware of the slash “/” to be adjusted in a future release so that it doesn’t cause an extra stream to be created. I can’t say for certain when that will be, but we are working on it. I hope this helps.

    Thank you!

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