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  • I know I could manually change this myself, but I manage over 30+ installations. Seems crazy to offer a view of code in a variable width font. Don’t know how this has been overlooked for so long.

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  • You could use the <code> tag in your posts. That should force monospace.

    It’s not the output in the post I’m concerned about, it’s the editor itself.

    The code editor in the Appearance section got an update about a year ago. I’d be more likely to work more within the html editor rather than copy and pasting back and forth with dreamweaver.

    Wait … are we talking about the TinyMCE that comes with the POST editor or the THEME editor?

    The TinyMCE editor that edits POSTS. You can switch to ‘HTML’ view and it uses Lucida Grande. I realize TinyMCE is also a 3rd party plug-in but I’m wondering why the HTML (code view) is displayed in a variable width font which is very unnatural for writing and viewing code in. Hopefully it can be modified so that it’s using a font stack like the theme editor does e.g.’Consolas,Monaco,Courier,monospace’.

    Okay. The TinyMCE editor is commonly referred to as the ‘visual’ editor. And the other is the HTML editor. It’s NOT a code editor, per say, it’s just an editor in which you take 90% control over your HTML. Which isn’t code, really, but now I’m wandering into semantics.

    Anywho! The poitn of that is the HTML editor is not intended to be ‘easier’ to write code. It’s not intended for ‘code’ at all, but easier posting of content. And you can change the fonts:

    Thanks for your input Ipstenu.

    I agree that it is only taking control over 90% of the HTML (to save us from our own bad habits and lack of standards) but you’d have to agree that if you are going to be editing HTML, regardless of how crippled it is, it would be easier using a monospaced font.

    Slightly off topic, but do you know the reason why there is a lack of control over the HTML in the content? e.g. hiding/adding p tags

    The auto_p is the only enforced tag I could think of at the time, and I suspect it’s because using br to separate lines is bad form.

    I’ve never had a problem with the font in the editing window, unless I’m actually writing code blubs, which I usually do in my code editor and paste them in.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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