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  • Just a note if after installing the next-gen gallery monoslideshow, and after purchasing the monoslideshow.swf, your preview gives you an error 1090 – check the file names of the images in your gallery.
    I had a photo named with an apostrophe and a file named with an ampersand. I deleted each of those photos from the next-gen-gallery, renamed without those characters and re-added them to the gallery. Then the monoslideshow preview worked fine after this step.
    I’m sure there are other characters not allowed, but those were the two that I found.
    To figure out which image file was causing the problem, The error that showed up over the preview was a URL. I directed my browser to that URL and it told me which image it was choking on so that helped me to figure out which character was the culprit.
    I hope this helps save some frustration for other new users

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  • thank you so much for sharing. merry xmas 😉

    thanks jageo but i have still the problem:

    error loading
    " side/index.php?callback=monoslideshow&gid=126: Error=#1090"

    any ideas?
    please help me.

    Sorry, I’m not much of a troubleshooter. I solve my own dilemmas by stumbling through them, I’m afraid.
    I imagine the id=126 is telling you which image is giving the trouble?
    If you can tell from NextGenGallery which image that 126 is, maybe you’ll be able to tell from the image name which character causing the problem?

    Apparently Error 1090 can also be triggered by an error in an XML file. In my case, I caused it when I added a new preset — and I had put a comma between two attributes instead of using a space.

    I had the same problem ad I solved changing a row in the monoslideshow.php file.
    Exactly, at row n. 413 I changed this:

    $swf->add_flashvars( ‘dataFile’, urlencode (get_option (‘siteurl’) . ‘/’ . ‘index.php?callback=monoslideshow&gid=’ . $galleryID . $preset ) );


    $swf->add_flashvars( ‘dataFile’, urlencode (get_option (‘home’) . ‘/’ . ‘index.php?callback=monoslideshow&gid=’ . $galleryID . $preset ) );

    In my case the home path is different than the site url path. In this way It finds the index.php file following the home path.
    I’m not expertise on code issues but I solved that problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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