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  • clyn clyn


    Everything is money, they lost wordpress soul.. they lost developer soul…
    Why? I am not developer or web master at the moment.

    for my project, i purchased theme and its working with paid promembership, i said ok, its good.

    1 – I installed and get paypal account. Its ok. Lets try with discount code for different type 3 membership level and i try 3 membership levels with my Discount code but not working, and i sent 169$ to my new businnes account from my personel paypal acount. I am stupid because i trust the plugging. then i search, found this , its writing BUG

    2 – Think thank you have 3 membership, muslim, non muslim and budist… If you pay more, your membership level upgrade to muslim or budist. No sub-membership

    3 – When i need support, i click this link , i saw Community Discussion Forum then link goes

    4 – When i search about my some question, yes i can find but only members area?

    5 – pluging 47$, ahh, i go to envato and i can find more level cost plugings and they giving really support, be member or not member..

    6 – I am not writing some BUGS,

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  • clyn clyn


    you can open all kind problems answer, and people dont try to solve their problem and dont waste time.


    I mean no office, but @clyn clyn, does it ever occur to you that the people who spend hundreds and thousands of hours to write the software and plugins you use also need to, somehow, find food and shelter for themselves and their families?

    Every software has bugs waiting to be discovered, and the only software which can perfectly fit your needs is the one you write yourself (or pay someone to write for you).

    If you have a problem with the plugin (which you appear to have) at least show some class, ask a question in the FREE WordPress Support Forums (hint: that’s different from the REVIEWS), and get help to solve your problem.

    Free is good, until it gets to the point where we develop this sense of entitlement that someone who has built software used by 40,000+ people for free mas also provide free support to all these people.

    Just saying.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    clyn, sorry you feel this way. I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you.

    Thanks for chiming in George. The truth is that we’ve spent thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars building Paid Memberships Pro and yet the plugin itself is available for free. Many of the add ons are available in the repository. And even the plugins that require membership to download from our site are available (for free) on GitHub if you are comfortable getting them there.

    We only provide direct support to the customers on our website, although we browse the forums here on looking for issues affecting all users.

    We work every day to maintain Paid Memberships Pro and to make it better. The “BUG” lines in our readme are bugs that we’ve fixed. FYI we started labeling our updates as BUG, ENHANCEMENT, or FEATURE to make it easier to tell what is actually included in an update so you can make a decision about how and when to upgrade.

    I wish we never had bugs, but it’s the nature of software, especially software that has many contributors and integrates with so many systems that have their own bugs.

    I just wanted to finish by saying that I definitely want people to be able to use PMPro successfully without paying us money. The code is open source and we really mean for it to be a “community solution” for membership sites on WordPress. We strive to balance making the plugin easy to use with as few barriers as possible, while also being sustainable for us to maintain and support. I think we may miss the mark sometimes, so I am sensitive to this kind of feedback and interested in ways that we can help more people or make things more clear.


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