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    I am using (must) using wordpress for our project with include buddypress. And we gonna sell some products.

    My theme using woocomerce, i cant see any cancel order, returns or etc. Maybe i cant find.

    But when i using OPENCART everything was FULL and FREE, whatever you want. I am going to visit woocomerce theme page, just they are talking about money… If i want like Opencart, woocommerce pluging i should pay minimum 500 – 1000 USD, such as product compare 79 USD, table rate shipping 179 USD… Can you believe this just fucking product compare 79 USD, do you think people stupid.

    You are going to people SLAVE…. Where is the wordpress soul?

    Now i will use wordpress for buddypress but shopping will be opencart maybe under subdomain or on other domain….

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    People pay money and getting product to home and dont like, how to sent again to me.. i mean return? Lets read on woocommerce

    How to Get Started
    Buy this extension 🙂 79 USD
    Download and install into your WooCommerce store
    Update your settings, and create emails
    Add warranty terms to your products
    Sit back, and let your RMA process become 1000 times easier!

    missing something? its a simple and include opencart….

    Thanks for the laugh, this post was hysterical 🙂

    Oh wow! Funniest read all day! Thanks for the laugh clyn clyn!

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    @leo Gopal @richymilo

    Actually, we are non-profit organization and we were selling products for poor people and kids education.

    Everybody always talking pro. We purchased theme, its say include woocommerce, membership etc… But now, its include only lite membership, i should get Pro, include geodirectory but not multilocalization, include woocomerce but very very simple.

    When we need something i must purchase Pro… We have 34 different pluggings. Its mean, 34 different developers, 34 different brain, 34 different vision. We must trust their codes.

    Whatever. I am not happy with wordpress and woocomerce. I think, we find money to pay salary for great developer…

    Sorry my english

    clyn clyn – This is their business model. Give their best system (WooCommerce) free of charge and open source. Then have their team of amazingly talented developers who have families and earn a salary to support themselves and continue building great add-ons that people need so that they can also make money.


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    @leo Gopal

    Actually, i will try explain with my simple english ;), i know that tech developer changed the world and market. Off cource they have family, also we have, i can understand all people should get money, its ok but there is a problem on this market,

    we are simple user, i said before, i have 34 plugging within last 25 days(simple pluging such as add new field on buddypress, change color of register, simple.) Think about wwordpress and 34 different developer talking at the same time, maybe one of them stop to talk. First i should find it, problem for me because i am not developer just simple user. Ohh lets get support, ohh i must upgrade to Pro, ok lets purchase. Whatever, we do trade now, people giving cards number, how can i trust everything is ok, i must use woocommerce pluging to perfect performance, right? because they are developer woocomerce. Their plugings work better than other developer’s plugings on woocomerce. I use opencart before and i know that what can default opencart do. Off cource you can pay money some pluging for opencart but you never pay money for returns, or different simple e-trade need plugings. Google or some internet area need everyone should do trade. Such as my friends mother selling something on instagram. All people should trade on internet so some software should be free…

    I am looking that what i need, searching on wordpress, i can find free, ohh ok its good, but most of time need Pro, or sometimes not working other pluging. Such as i find firewall and activated but membership not working, or i add simple invite code to register form, but people can be member to buddypress when they purchase on shop. So i must close to customer role on check out page. But how can customer will foloow their orders?

    Never working very well… Now, i think i will go to use wordpress for my simple blog but i cant trust trade…

    Now, i am so tired to test plugings. WordPress organization should/must choose some really need plugging today among best pluggings and add the wordpress frame. Such as today, 20 plugings is perfect, and redevelop and use on wordpress frame work. When some developers can do betters, wordpress maybe use this pluging. I hope, you understad what i mean….

    I hope i can explain with my simple english. Thanks again to developers changed the world.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    clyn clyn, you don’t need the RMA/warranty extension to handle returns. Its optional. Refunds are built in – you can handle the return process manually/with order notes/with a printable PDF… anyway you want.

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    Thank you so much but i will not use woocomerce…

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    Probably for the best since we’re all evil.

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    @mike last 6 hours i am trying solve how customer log out. I must read lots of article…

    I was using invite code but some poeple can be member without invite with shop on woocomerce. When i disable no register on checkout, how will the follow their order status. And i have membership levels for using buddy press but customer role can also get all buddypress…

    Think about that i am simple user and reading lots of article, trying {woocomerce_logout} or some other people codes….For what, just simple logout…

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    There are lots of ways to implement a logout button in WordPress, including a simple endpoint we add in WooCommerce. But a rant/review is not the place to ask for support.

    @clyn clyn .Very informative notes .Thank you for posting this . It will help people to see & understand the real issues when , they going to use Woocommerce . Why wordpress and woocoomerce doing these things. Why they don’t look at customers problem , always asking for money .

    But i like woocommerce and i used it for many sites . Really thanks for giving this nice plugin. But it is very sad to hear bad news about woocommerce .

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    Sam wc thats a bit unfair. I’ve been spending over 4 hours a day helping people on these forums for the past 4 weeks, and you say we don’t care? Thanks…..

    Mike really sorry .I have no words to say about your dedication & you are one among the list of best developers .And it’s really happy to heard a news about Automattic acquiring WP Job Manager.
    I have nothing to say , you people doing good work in woocoommerce . But it is better if the product comparison option and multi product import is in default option.

    Thank you .

    Woocommerce is very good plugin .

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