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  • They just updated the lite version of this plugin. Removed the ability to set the delay for when the popup comes up. This is just one more way to try and force you to spend the $97.00 to buy the pro version. I was very hopeful after using this plug-in but not any more.

    If you create value, people are willing to pay for it. Remove value to force a purchase? Not cool and turned me off to what may have been a great plugin.

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    Hi David,

    You don’t have to update, run the previous version.

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Yes we removed the delay added wysija support. The value is there it’s free. No one is forcing you to upgrade.

    There are other WordPress popup plugins that you can use or use ver 1.2.1.

    My point being that the delay being removed simply makes the lite version unusable for me. It does not allow for a real world test to see if it’s even worth upgrading to the pro version, something I would have gladly done in time if I could have had the opportunity to test and see real world results. Adding features or not is all together different to me than taking away something that was seen as a base feature to start with (the delay).

    I get the idea of selling and internet marketing, just feels more like a forcing of the hand to buy (unless you have a better reason for removing the delay from the lite version?). Also, I’m not saying your providing something for Free that’s not worth it. I’m also not angry for not getting what I didn’t pay for, though its hard to tell in a text based message. I’m saying if you provided something for Free that was worth more, than it compels me to pay for it. Add value and you’ll get value in return.

    Your plug-in has great potential and I hope you sell tons of them. In the end, my review is just my opinion anyways. I’m not trying to be a hater, just trying to give some honest feedback.

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Hey David,

    Pro @ $97 is cheap for unlimited personal domains and lifetime updates. If you have a look at any other popup optin plugin they are either $167 or more and you need to pay yearly for support.

    In saying that I appreciate the feedback and happy to make a compromise. What do you think if I add it back but limit the delay in lite to a max of 15 seconds?

    There is a new editor which we are working on that will be in lite and make it 1000% easier to use.

    You would have notice that in the last release we re-did adding the email providers form code to make it easier for those not code savvy.

    I see the delay of 15 seconds as a very useful compromise. Gives me something to work with but doesn’t let the entire cat out of the bag for your pro version so to speak.

    I also don’t disagree with you on price, I just need to make certain I can get the value back if I’m going to spend the money at this point for pro. That’s why I’d like to be able to do real world test with the lite version. Any increase in optins at all would spark my attention to go pro and continue to increase them with further customization options.. A popup that is immediately up with no delay is far too spammy for my audience and would do more harm for me testing than good.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and respond. Good luck with your plug-in, again..I do think it has great potential.

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    David we will add it back with max 15 seconds on the next release.

    Wow, thanks. I personally appreciate that a lot and hope I didn’t ruffle any feathers too much. 😉

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    David the plugin has been updated that for the your feedback. We had added a delay of up to 15 seconds.

    No ruffle feathers I’d prefer to know than not 🙂

    Do me a favor and add a review of the plugin when you get it going.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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