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  • Hi all, i´ve been stuck on this one for a few days, finally came back here and see if I get some help. Im a newbie so please be specific, =).

    Im trying to “sell” one-time access to a page withing my wordpress installation. What I mean is, you pay with a button, and you get access one time only to a certain page. The only way for someone (who has already paid) to access again, would be to buy again.

    This page must be unaccessable for anyone who hasn´t paid (I havent been able to accomplish this with paypal, no idea why).

    Im willing to pay a tiny amount if someone comes up with a plugin or two. If you take donations, be certain to get mine. I dont have money, but i´m desperate, =P.

    Maybe theres already a plugin im missing???

    Thanks on advanced =) good luck.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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