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  1. escribidle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    (I have posted this before and got the post closed, im sorry that i have missused this before, there are no bad intentions on this, =). Thanks @alchymyth)

    Hi all, i´ve been stuck on this one for a few days, Im a newbie so please be specific, =).

    Im trying to "sell" one-time access to a page withing my wordpress installation. What I mean is, you pay with a button, and you get access one time only to a certain page. The only way for someone (who has already paid) to access again, would be to buy again.

    This page must be unaccessable for anyone who hasn´t paid (I havent been able to accomplish this with paypal, no idea why).

    Maybe theres already a plugin im missing???

    Thanks on advanced =) good luck.

  2. Check out Linklok.


  3. escribidle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hey zoonini,

    don´t you know any free plugin?

    the only way to sell digital content throught paypal would be to hire/buy one of this services????

    regards, =).

  4. No, I don't know a free plug-in, sorry. One might exist, but I'm not familiar with everything in the repository - perhaps someone else will chime in.

    If you're selling a digital download as part of your process, you could check out something like Fetch.

  5. escribidle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Im not having downloadable material :(. thanks for taking the time to share information =).

  6. Other avenues to look into would be membership or paywall plug-ins. Best of luck with your research.

  7. escribidle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hey zoonini,
    I´m most thankfull for your constant support and help... I have bought eStore plugin since i couldnt find any free plugin which would satisfy my needs. This one alows me to deliver encrypted and expiryng links for my content.... which is what i needed... unfortunately, i had to pay $50... which is kinda ok since im expecting to make money from this all... im most thankfull for your help and support... which you the best...

    I honestly believe that this kind of pay-per-view plugin is needed for wordpress as a free plugin. Many of us turn to wordpress to create tiny enterprises o a business model, and in most cases, we dont count on the money to buy expensive software right from the start. I´m thankfull i could =).

    Thank you once again, and my best wishes to you and yours. Have a great day, and best of lucks!

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