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  • I find myself wanting to make a point before I ask my inquiry. I hope that’s okay. I was previously immersed in for many years and understood that as the way to build business websites with greater freedom and better tools than what dot com ( offers. Since 2021, I no longer feel that. I look at articles that exist, from 2022, and all strike me as operating under older information. As a developer who’s been with several shared hosting providers, I think they were all fine, but none were great in terms of support. I continuously found a significant part of developing a site is the maintenance and security considerations that come after launch. I find dot com is now superior on those fronts. Granted it depends on the plan one signs up with, but I found that true with shared hosting. If anyone reading this disagrees, I’m interested in your perspective.

    With that point made, I am looking to monetize a site I’ve built and feel I can easily accomplish it with the premium blocks and Stripe account. Yet, I do find those are limited and so I see a (membership) plugin as likely needed when I scale up. My basic question is do I go for the basic monetization with little concern for scaling up until that is truly warranted, or do I explore and plan to implement the extended tools for monetizing, more immediately?

    I think a consultant may be the person to ask such a question but was hoping dot org could speak to this in way to help me further along. I am curious what learning curve is like for membership plugin? Super easy, or plan to take a week or so to truly understand the capabilities of such tools before implementing them?

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to replies.

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    Thanks for reading, I look forward to replies.

    I am sorry but this is not a topic for this site and I am closing this topic.

    All topics here are either about WordPress core support, support for WordPress add-ons such as themes and plugins, WordPress code for development and most importantly WordPress users.

    A topic about “Monetizing a site” is not any of those and not for this site. Please consider asking on a different site instead.

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