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  • Hello!!

    Some solution?


    Hi javiprada1,
    Yep but u need edit some code.
    I will post 2moro a code for solution with some instruction how to edit.
    Thanks !!!

    Thank you very much to you Frank.

    I hope your post, Saludos!

    Hi javiprada1,
    Be a coder now, you need to edit ‘calendar_shortcode.php’ file in ‘appointment-calendar’ directory.
    You can also open this file in dashboard.
    Select plugin to edit: ‘Appointment Calendar’
    Select 4th file in list: ‘calendar_shortcode.php’
    Open file, go to line number 128, and add this line

    firstDay: 1,

    Then its look like as:

    defaultView: '<?php echo $setting_data->cal_view; ?>',
    firstDay: 1,
    selectable: true,
    selectHelper: false,

    And you done, We cares our plugin users.
    Thank You !!!
    Soon !!! We are launching our Self Hosted Simple Appointments Management System
    Have a look: AppointZilla

    this is!!!

    Very thanks Frank!!


    Hi javiprada1,

    We need some beta user to test our new application

    You can book some demo appointments.
    Follow this link: AppointZilla – Simple AppointMent Management System

    And provide your feedback about it.

    Thank You!!!

    Thanks Frank.

    In AppointZilla when I confirm a date, returns the following error:

    PHP error

    Non-static method Email::notifyclient() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context



    Hi javiprada1,
    We have made some changes with our application
    Now you can test on this URL: Appointzilla

    Thank You…


    I made the booking without problems.


    One question about Appointment Calendar:

    How I can make the users can not choose to booking days past to today in my calendar?

    Thanks you, very much.

    Add this line after line no. 44 in ‘booking-form.php’

    minDate: 0,

    Code As:

    $(function() {
    		inline: true,
    		minDate: 0,
    		altField: '#alternate',
    		onSelect: function(dateText, inst) {
    			var dateAsString = dateText;
    			var a = $.datepicker.formatDate('yy-mm-dd', new Date(dateAsString));
    			document.myform.bookdate.value = a;

    Thanks for feedback…

    Plugin Author a.ankit


    @ javiprada1

    I guess your question was regarding Appointzilla demo.

    Currently we do not support this feature, the system was designed so that a user can book appointment at any future date.

    However, you can block dates, block time slots, customize business hours etc to suit your case. I would suggest that you try out the admin panel by going to this link :

    Admin Panel for Appointzilla


    I was all set to use this plugin until I looked at the screen shots and the word “Description” is mispelled as “Descritpion”. Has that been fixed or is that something I can fix myself from within the plugin? Thanks:)

    @res Hi! I think, all those kinds of things, you can change in the .php directly, simply find the correct and change, p.e. Calendar -> appointment-calendar/calendar_shortcode.php, form -> appointment-calendar/booking-form.php…

    @a.ankit Thank you very much for your reply, I was referring to Appointment calendar, but thanks ­čÖé .

    @frank Faraz Thank you very much, I did it and all perfect, but I could not modify the principal calendar (calendar_shortcode.php), any ideas for it?

    Thank you very much to all, ¡Saludos!

    Hi! One question:

    Please, review the method of shortcode.php:

    $(‘li, #tellfriend a.close’).click(function() { });

    I think it does not work correctly to close the booking form.


    @frank Faraz Thank you very much, I did it and all perfect, but I could not modify the principal calendar (calendar_shortcode.php) for users can not choose previous days, any ideas for it?


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