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  • Hi!

    Been working on my site Mind Over Madness for some time now. I’m starting to be fairly satisfied with the design myself, but I’d love some feedback from some “objective” people. Spesifically regarding readability, navigation and such, but also the general “feel”.


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  • In general I don’t like dark backgrounds for legibility purposes. Your use of italics make the light on dark combo even worse than normal. It is nearly impossible to read.

    Yeah, I very much get the feeling dark backgrounds is a very black/white sort of thing for many people. Either you like it, or you don’t. As for legibility, this concerns me, as I am severly vision impaired myself and probably notice this far more than the average surfer. That’s also why I’ve only used, for instance italics, at the intro of the posts. I have to admit, I actually have no problems readng italics myself, and the light graytone on dark graytone actually produces a contrast that makes it easier to read for meself. Great to hear other peoples take on it, thank you! Anyone else?


    I don’t mind dark themes, in fact I am using a dark theme on one of my blogs. However, I do find white text on a dark background is hard to read, often it seems to blend in together and I really have to focus to make it out. Sometimes if it appears interesting I will use my mouse and select the text turning it into a white or blue background to help follow where I am reading, but often if I can’t read it I’ll look for another site to check out.

    Now a way to help that without changing the theme, and keeping it a dark theme is change the text color from white to something easier to see. You could try a grayish text, not to dark and not to light (or it be the same as white). If you like reds or blues, you could use those as well, but not bright colors, more dull works best in my opinion.

    Billy Haynes
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    First, thank you for your feedback!

    So…I am experimenting and looking for an alternative “main” font color, as I do realise the light gray I was using has its drawbacks. Problem is partially that I want to keep the “integrity” of the color mix on the site, i.e. graytones except for that soft blue for links. Right now the fonts on the site are a tad darker gray than previously (A8A8A8 vs C8C8C8 for the main text etc), but I’m not really sure if it’s any better..?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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